Friday, July 20, 2018


There's a nice mix of pros and amateurs in the early going of Flight C today. The clock shows 130 and counting as the entries total.

There are a number of past Black Hawk HPT Main Event champions in attendance: Michael Harris (pictured), Craig Casino, Shane Faulk, Nader Wahdan and Mike Englert to name a few.

There are also a number of locals who have seen great success with HPT here at Golden Gates: Nils Bardsley, Mary Flurkey and Kevin Boudreau are among them.

Other familiar faces on the tour that are seated today include Joe Elpayaa, Neil Patel and Aaron Johnson.

And then there are crushers like Rich Dixon, Chris Conrad, Joe Christman and Josh Reichard sprinkLed throughout the room as well.

That doesn't even begin to touch all of the notables. We'll add to the list as the day goes on. Scott Davies and Allen Kessler have both announced plans to play today but we've yet to see either of them here early on.

Level: 2 (16:00 remaining)
Blinds: 100/200
Entries: 138


Twitterverse, if you're looking for a good follow may we suggest @christryba.

Chris Tryba is always good for a laugh on Twitter. He's a pretty decent poker player too. Tryba has amassed just shy of $2 million in earnings over the course of his career on the felt.

The Las Vegas man has made four deep runs in HPT Main Events in Black Hawk, but has never finished higher than 11th. He's looking to top that result this weekend.

It's early and Tryba is still sitting on a starting stack but we'll let you know how his day shakes out. And here is a photo of Tryba doing what Tryba does best... Tweeting! We'll try to get the story on that hat at some point today as well...

Level: 1 (8:00 remaining)
Blinds: 100/100
Entries: 127


The tournament staff here at Golden Gates has gone through rules and instructions and cards are in the air for the third of four flights here in Black Hawk, Colorado.

There are already well over 100 entries at the start of play which has us well on pace to eclipse yesterday's 146 number. The first two days yielded 236 total players with 45 of them advancing to Sunday's Day 2.

The field today will play 15 full levels. At that point all players who still have chips in front of them will put their chips in a bag and take tomorrow off to enjoy the beautiful Rocky Mountain surroundings here at 8,500 feet before returning Sunday for more play.

The final flight of this $1,100 Main Event is tomorrow at noon. We're anticipating right around 600 total entries.

Make steady use of that refresh button throughout the day as we plan to tell the story of Flight C in great detail from start to finish. If you'd like to be a part of the updates, find @HPTKorey. He's in a bright red HPT polo and you can't miss him.

Good luck to all.

Level: 1 (40:00 remaining)
Blinds: 100/100
Entries: 105


Day 1B has come to a close. Of the 146 entries in today's flight, 28 players made it through the 15 full levels of play and bagged chips.

Several players bagged big but none were able to accumulate as many chips as Derrick Montano. Montano put 422,000 in the bag, nearly 150,000 more than his nearest competitor.

Jamal Sawaqdeh, Danny Gonzales, John Beauprez, and Gary Germann were among the other notables to make it through the day. All of the remaining players will return Sunday at noon for Day 2 action.

Lots of familiar faces came and went throughout Day 1B. Craig Casino amassed chips early but ran cold after dinner and busted several levels before the end of the day. POY hopeful Aaron Johnson fired a bullet and missed for the second day in a row. Matt Livingston hung around for two-thirds of the day before hitting the rail just after dinner.

Add the 90 players from Day 1B and there are currently 236 entries. The two largest flights are yet to come. Flight C starts at noon tomorrow and Flight D is Saturday at noon. The event is on pace to surpass last year's total of 606 entries.

There are still three more qualifiers on the schedule offering players the chance to win a seat for $260 (1 in 5 advance) or $415 (1 in 3). We'll be back with more updates from start to finish for 1C tomorrow. Click the "Flight B Chip Counts" tab to see full counts from today's flight.


There were three players all in preflop at Table 9.

Seat 2: 10-10
Cheryl Goulet - ace-six
John Weekley - AA

The board ran out safe and Weekley is up to around 100k just in time to bag for Day 2. Goulet was eliminated in the hand. The player in Seat 2 lost a good chunk of his stack but he's still got chips to work with on Sunday.

The remaining 29 players are going to play two more hands before bagging for the evening. We'll have a full Day 1B recap along with complete chip counts soon.