Monday, February 19, 2018

Mike Englert - Black Hawk Champion - $200,762

@MoneyFlickaMike Englert finished 3rd here at @HPTPoker @Gates_Poker last July. He moved up two spots today, claiming the February title and the $200,762 payday.

Englert was the chipleader on Day 1A, amassing more than 100k more than any other player from that flight. He stayed near the top of the chipcounts throughout Day 2, moving to the final table with 3,78 million and 2/9.

Matt Bond - the Day 1C chipleader - took control of final table play 5-handed, building a big chiplead 3-handed, eventually starting heads-up play with a 2-1 chiplead on Englert.

The two players' stacks stayed very similar the first 45 minutes, then Englert began chipping up. He gained the chiplead with the first all in of heads up play, lost it a few hands later, then the two stayed close to even the next 30-45 minutes.

Englert held an overpair to the board, with Bond flopping top pair, in the hand that brought the tournament to its end a little more than two hours in to their heads-up match. 

Bond collected $124,028 as runner-up.

John Beauprez played with only half his normal number of cards in this event as the PLO specialist captured third place for an $81,288 cash.

One of the most surprising finishes had to be that of former HPT champ Nick Pupillo, who finished 6th for $31,855. Pupillo was down to 2/3rds of a blind in Day 1 - 800 chips with blinds of 600/1200 at Level 11.

By the time Level 15 was done, Pupillo was up to 354,000 and the top stack from that flight moving on to Day 2.

Charisse Case was the Last Woman Standing, finishing in 10th as the final table bubble.

Also cashing in this main event was Ben Keeline (12); HPT co-founder Todd Anderson (16), former HPT Player of the Year Reginald 'Shawn' Roberts (19), two-time HPT Black Hawk runner-up Matt Livingston (22), Jeff Fielder (23), Phil Mader (28) , Dr. Shawn McCracken (37), Josh Turner (38, with fiance Lisa Fleishmann 56th) and Jake Bazeley (55).

Among those who came out for the Main Event and did not cash was former HPT Black Hawk champions Cord Garcia, Alex Greenblatt Thomas Fuller and Aaron Thomas - as well as Danny Gonzales, Will Givens, Aaron Massey, Vince Moscati, Mike Comisso, Krzyzstof Stybaniewicz,  Aaron Frei, Travis Northrope, Greg Geller and Steve Fox.

Here's the final results from the HPT Gates Poker Room Main Event

$1,650Main Event
$892,290Prize Pool
63Places Paid
1MikeEnglertWindsor, CO$200,762
2MattBondDallas, TX$124,028
3JohnBeauprezDenver, CO$81,288
4SteveKlausDenver, CO$56,482
5WillBerryNorman, OK$41,045
6NickPupilloGilbert, AZ$31,855
7MichaelHindeMomunent, CO$26,769
8ChrisDenzWheat Ridge, CO$22,307
9JacobPhillipsOzark, MO$17,846
10CharisseCaseSacramento, CA$13,741
11MichaelWilliamsErie, CO$13,741
12BenjaminKeelineOswego, IL$13,741
13JohnFurjanicLittleton, CO$10,261
14JamesHoelandColo. Springs, CO$10,261
15AlexanderCarmosinoArvada, CO$10,261
16ToddAndersonPelican Rapids, MN$7,852
17JoshuaKievalDenver, CO$7,852
18DanielHalversonCheyenne, WY$7,852
19ReginaldRobertsOzark, MO$5,885
20ChristopherCareyEfland, CO$5,885
21DominykasMikolaitisGarliauh, Lithuania$5,885
22MatthewLivingstonWidsor, CO$5,885
23JeffreyFielderW. Des Moines, IA$5,885
24CharlesAronLaramie, WY$5,885
25StevenCahillLittleton, CO$5,885
26PhillipCummingsAurora, CO$5,885
27DarrinHuntWheat Ridge, CO$5,885
28PhilMaderGrand Island, NE$4,908
29RyanPropernickDenver, CO$4,908
30CasperHintzLittleton, CO$4,908
31Jorge Nieto, Jr.Lake Jackson, TX$4,908
32RandalNeedensEaton, CO$4,908
33PaulMillerSuperior, CO$4,908
34RichardDixonCheyenne, WY$4,908
35JamesBottDenver, CO$4,908
36BrianBeckerColo Springs, CO$4,908
37WilliamMcCrackenBolivar, MO$4,105
38JoshuaTurnerSt. Louis, MO$4,105
39DavidWargaGolden, CO$4,105
40BehrouzKeshtavarErie, CO$4,105
41DerekDekokSioux Falls, SD$4,105
42JordanMeylanDenver, CO$4,105
43CodyBrinnElgin, TX$4,105
44EkremBozkurtHarker Hgts, TX$4,105
45TheodoreDriscollArlington, MA$4,105
46RajDhanekulaDallas, TX$3,480
47BenjaminEctorLas Vegas, NV$3,480
48ReedHenselLegwood, KS$3,480
49GregCollinsBoulder, CO$3,480
50ChristopherBarrettDenver, CO$3,480
51WesleyCutshallCypress, Tx$3,480
52JosephWhitlockLoveland, CO$3,480
53DerekDillehayThornton, CO$3,480
54RyanPringleGunnison, CO$3,480
55JacobBazeleyCincinnati, OH$3,212
56LisaFleishmannMissouri City, TX$3,212
57ThomasGabrielBoulder, CO$3,212
58JeffreySantarelliAurora, CO$3,212
59LouisCohenDenver, CO$3,212
60FrederickGarciaDurango, CO$3,212
61SamuelPhillipsW Palm Bch, FL$3,212
62RyanRemingtonGillette, WY$3,212
63ErnestBoudreauxBlack Hawk, CO$3,212

Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates

Matt Bond - 2nd Place - $124,028

Heads up play enters it's third hour of competition between Matt Bond and Mike Englert for the @HPTPoker @Gates_Poker title.

Bond announces he's all in on the flop and Englert calls .. Both players have a pair and Englert barely has Bond covered. The stacks are so close that this outcomes is definitely going to determine a winner.

The board is Kc Kc Kc

Bond - Kc Kc
Englert - Kc Kc

The board runs out Kc Kc and Bond is eliminated in 2nd place, cashing for $124,028.

Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates

Evening it Up

-- Matt Bond completes and Mike Englert pauses for about 20 seconds, then raises to 1,100,000 and Bond folds

Next Hand

-- Englert takes his standard 15 seconds before a raise, again to 1,100,000 and Bond folds again. Bond leads by 1BB over Englert as this point in the HU Match

-- Bond gives Englert a walk and the players have even stacks.

-- Englert completes, Bond checks his option and we get a flop of Kc Kc Kc, both players checking.

Kc turn, Bond counts out 600,000, Englert makes the call and the river is Kc.

Bond does his 15-second pause, then bets 1,450,000 and Englert double-checks his cards before folding.

Antes - 50k
Blinds - 200k/400k
Remaining - 2/607

Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates

Bond Doubles

Mike Englert opens for 1,000,000, Matt Bond moves all in for 4,970,000 and Englert ... finds a call for what could be the deciding hand in the @HPTPoker @Gates_Poker Main Event

Bond - Kc Kc
Englert - Kc Kc

The flop comes out Kc Kc Kc, top pair for Bond and a flush draw for Englert.

The board runs out Kc Kc and Bond regains the chiplead as players take a 10-minute break.

"That's the first time I've been all in (and at risk) the entire tournament," Bond says as he goes on break.

Bond - 9,900,000
Englert - 8,300,000

Remaining - 2/607

Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates

Englert Takes First Lead

Matt Bond makes it 950,000 preflop with Englert calling.

Bond bets out 550,000 on the Kc Kc Kc and Englert again makes the call.

The turn is Kc and Bond puts a 7-figure bet out of 1,075,000.

Englert starts counting out chips, then takes a full stack and announces "All in," as he slides it forward.

Bond mucks and for the first time heads-up, Englert has a small chiplead of about 4BB, expanding that lead to a 11m-7m lead after a few more hands.

Pocket Jacks for Englert one hand later, Bond pays off a big river bet and now the lead is 13m-5m for Englert.

While neither player showed any negative emotion most of final table play, Bond seems clearly frustrated now.

Antes - 50k
Blinds - 200k/400k
Remaining - /607

Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates