Monday, August 20, 2018


@MauriceHawkins fought back from a 4-1 deficit in a lengthy heads-up battle against HB Sablotny to become the August 2018 @HPTPoker @AmeristarSC Champion, earning $113,322. Sablotny cashes for $71,743 as runner-up.

Hawkins was running over the final table early on, moving from 1.6 million to as high as 3.7 million. He went downhill fast when 3-handed play began, falling as low as 800k of the 10.4 million in play. A triple-up to 2.7 million sent his stack back upwards.

Sablotny and Hawkins played heads-up for more than three hours, staying close to even the first two hours, before Sablotny opened to a 4-1 chiplead over the next hour. Hawkins rapidly regained his composure, his chip, and then closed out Sablotny in a massive cooler, his 5-7  > A-6 by flopping a straight against a turned two pair.

Sablotny began the final table just shy of 1.5 million, scoring the first elimination of the day when he ended Steve Graham's day in 9th place to move to 1.9 million. He took the chiplead by eliminating Ryan Julius had held that lead much of the rest of the tournament.

Keith Heine was the tournament short stack with 19 players left, having just 8BB. he doubled with 18 left, managed a short stack to the final table and worked all the way to a third-place finish, cashing for $48,042.

Alan Perry (4th, $33,506) and Daniel Loizzo (5th, $25,130) were next in line to cash.

John Richards had his Kings cracked by the Sevens of Loizzo to finish 6th for $19,710. Richards has the best long-term run at this location, finishing 8th, 9th, 14th and 16th in HPT St Charles Main Events since 2014.

Julius, Greg Wood and Graham rounded out the final table finishers.

Those who cashed but came up short of the final table included Craig Welko (15) Brock McCoy (21), Mike Kamenjarin (22), Patrick Ray (29), Debbie Phillips (32), Josh Turner (33) and Jerod Smith (36).

Among those who came out for the HPT St. Charles Main Event but did not find the money was Ari Engel, Blair Hinkle, Greg Raymer, Greg Radosh, Nick Pupillo (the money bubble), Gary Herstein, Will Berry, James Mackey, Allen Kessler, Shawn Roberts, Mike VanderWoude, Shawm McCracken, Mary Sturges, Mike Rieck, Paul Belken, Nick Davidson, Roger Campbell, Sameer Al-Dbhany, Neil Patel, Darryl Ronconi and Bruce Hugon.

Here's the final results.

HPTSt Charles
$1,650Main Event
$492,740Prize Pool
36Places Paid
1MauriceHawkinsLakeworth, FL$113,322
2Harry B.SablotnyChatham, IL$71,743
3KeithHeineHillsboro, MO$48,042
4AlanPerrySt. Charles, MO$33,506
5DanielLoizzoLibertyville, IL$25,130
6JohnRichardsRoxann, IL$19,710
7RyanJuliusPeoria, IL$16,655
8GregWoodWeldon Sprg. MO$13,797
9SteveGrahamGranite City, IL$11,875
11JohnnyRileyN. Augusta, SC$9,362
12JamesWintersSt. Louis, MO$9,362
13BrennanMurphySt. Louis, MO$7,046
14AnthonyProfetaSpringfield, IL$7,046
15CraigWelkoBallwin, MO$7,046
16MartinKinderImperial, MO$5,519
17JesseGallaherSpringfield, IL$5,519
18HaroldKilgoreGriffith, IN$5,519
19BrianSanguinetSt. Louis, MO$4,435
20ScottHallMaryland Hts, MO$4,435
21BrockMcCoySt. Charles, MO$4,435
22MikeKamenjarinChicago, IL$4,435
23CharlesKuhnertDu Quoin, IL$4,435
24GaryLambertQuincy, IL$4,435
25RichardBaiSchaumburg, IL$4,435
26KevinBerwinChesterfield, MO$4,435
27VadimKleydmanSt. Louis, MO$4,435
28MikeHolmNaperville, IL$3,696
29PatrickRaySt. Louis, MO$3,696
30ChristopherStatsOK City, OK$3,696
31PhillipGilreathWaterloo, IL$3,696
32DebbiePhillipsOzark, MO$3,696
33JoshuaTurnerSt. Louis, MO$3,696
34BruceJanssenQuincy, IL$3,696
35WIlliamGerdingMont. City, MO$3,696
36JerodSmithSt. Jacob, IL$3,696

-- Dan Ross, Hold'em Live Updates


HB Sablotny minraises preflop to 400,000 and @MauriceHawkins calls.

Sablotny makes it 400,000 on the Kc Kc Kc flop and Hawkins 3-bets to 900,000, with Slabotny calling.

Hawkins calls out, "Ace of Hearts," for the turn and the dealer obliges, peeling off Kc.

1.3 million is the bet from Hawkins, Sablotny moves all in and Hawkins snap-calls.

Sablotny - Kc Kc
Hawkins - Kc Kc for a flopped straight and he needs to dodge an Ace or 6 to win.

river ... Kc ... the dealer counts down the stacks and they are absolutely even .... and Sablotny is eliminated in second place, cashing for $71,743. Hawkins earns the HPT St. Charles title and a $113,322 payday.

Remaining - 1/347

-- Dan Ross, Hold'em Live Updates


@MauriceHawkins and HB Sablotny are two hours in to their heads-up match, the chips back-n-forth without many large pots.

Sablotny - 5.235 million
Hawkins - 5.055 million

Blinds and Antes are approaching nosebleed status soon, so pots and risks may soon become bigger and there's only 104 total BB remaining in the tournament.

SB Ante - 50k
Blinds - 50k/100k
Remaining - /347

-- Dan Ross, Hold'em Live Updates


@MauriceHawkins is going against HB Sablotny for the @HPTpoker @AmeristarSC title. Watch the livestream at Hawkins (above) is at 4.25 million while Sablotny (below) is at  6.1 million. Hawkins - down to 18BB - tripled up last level and just eliminated Keith Heine to get heads-up. Sablotny has been chipleader for most of the final table.

Level - 27
SB Ante - 30k
Blinds - 30k/60k
Remaining - 2/347

-- Dan Ross, Hold'em Live Updates


Keith Heine opens to 150,000 and @MauriceHawkind calls.

Same on the flop for Heine, adding 150,000 on the Kc Kc Kc  flop.

Heine adds another 300,000 on the Kc turn, Hawkins raises to 750,000, Heine moves all in 1,460,000 and Hawkins snap-calls.

Heine - Kc Kc for trips and an open-ended straight draw.
Hawkins - Kc Kc for a full house

The river Kc gives Heine his straight, but it isn't enough and he is eliminated in 3rd place, cashing for $48,042.

The heads-up match between Hawkins and HB Sablotny is going to start in a few minutes.

Level - 27
SB Ante - 30k
Blinds - 30k/60k
Remaining - /347

-- Dan Ross, Hold'em Live Updates