Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Daytona Beach Main Event Results

-- HPT $1650 Main Event
-- Daytona Beach Kennel Club and Poker Room
-- 316 Entries
-- $467,860 Prize Pool

* First Place also receives $3600 Championship Package

Place Name City Payout
1 Jermaine Gerlin Jacksonville, FL $106,732*
2Scott Davies  Sunny Isles Beach, FL $67,570
3 Manelic Minaya  Tampa, FL $45,248
4 Griffin Malatino Denver, CO $31,557
5Eric Fetter  Orlando, FL $23,668
6 Dan Delassandro Orange City, CO $18,563
7 Thomas GiorgiValrico, FL$15,686
8 Igor Merda  Miami, FL$12,994 
9 Jose Delacruz Flagler, FL $11,184
10 Warren Janney Detroit, MI $8,818
11 Plamen Stoyanov St Petersburg, FL $8,818
12 Jon Graham  Longwood, FL $8,818
13 Jason Newman  Fort Lauderdale, FL $6,636
14Khoan Ho Jonesvoro GA $6,636
15 Manoj BhatiaWindermere, FL $6,636
16 Mark Manesh Montgomery Village, MD $5,198
17Ronald Sullivan  Bradenton, FL $5,198
18 Nicholas Cagianello Orange City, FL $5,198
19 Corey Thompson  Water Park, FL $4,177
20Robert ZarzyckiViers, FL $4,177
21 Scott Saunders Pfulgerville, TX $4,177
22 Cord Garcia Katy, TX$4,177
23 Jimmy Dowda Groveland, FL$4,177
24 Robert MeloLakeland, FL$4,177
25 Roy Whitehorne New Smyrna Beach, FL$4,177
26 Zhen CaiLake Worth, FL$4,177
27Thomas Clements JrNew Port Richey, FL$4,177
28 Cathey Schenone Elmira, NY$3,481
29Joseph SalvaggiMaysfield Heights, OH$3,481
30 Brian Renda Nausha, NH$3,481
31 Derek Bowers Alliance, OH$3,481
32Lawrence LipmanFt. Myers, FL$3,481
33 Stan JablonskiBullhead City, AZ$3,481
34 Toni FiorenzaDaytona, FL$3,481
35 Jeffrey PringleOrlando, FL$3,481
36 Brian Sheeky Palm Coast, FL$3,481

Daytona Beach FT LiveStream

The LiveStream of the HPT $1650 Main Event from Daytona Beach Kennel Club and Poker Room is being shown on a 30-minute delay. Catch all the action right here once the LiveStream kicks off.

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-- Clinton Cartwright - HoldemRadio.com

Monday, September 26, 2016

Jermaine "Lion" Gerlin 1st Place $106,732

Jermaine "Lion" Gerlin wins the HPT Main Event at @DBKCandPR

Jermaine Gerlin played very solid for 3 straight days as we watched him throughout the tournament.
Gerlin says he was looking to avoid Scott Davies who finished 2nd, but when they went heads up he could avoid him no longer.

The heads up battle was intense lasting over 2 hours and spanning 5 blind levels. Davies started off with the chip lead and Gerlin fought to gain control then lost a big hand. Gerlin fought back from a 3-1 dog and picked up pair vs Pair to gain final control and led him to victory.

Gerlin says lots of hard work and dedication goes into poker and plans on buying a house for his family.

Lion had his daughter toys as card protectors through the tournament that he called LUCKY TOM.

Jermaine "Lion" Gerlin 1st Place $106,732
The HPT Bracelet and a $3,600 Championship Package

-- Clinton Cartwright - HoldemRadio.com

Scott Davies 2nd Place $67,570

2 hands after the blinds go up Scott Davies announces all in for 2,600,000 and Jermaine Gerlin makes the call.

Davies Kc Kc
Gerlin Kc Kc

Flop Kc Kc Kc\Gerlin takes a commanding lead leaving Davies to find one of the remaining 2's

Turn and River  Kc Kc

And Gerlin defeats Davies.

Scott Davies 2nd Place $67,570

-- Clinton Cartwright - HoldemRadio.com

Gerlin Doubles

Jermaine Gerlin raises to 240,000 and Scott Davies moves all in and Gerlin quickly makes the call.

Davies Kc Kc
Gerlin Kc Kc

Gerlin flops a set of 9's and gets the double through Davies.

Jermaine Gerlin 6,450,000
Scott Davies 3,400,000

Level -30
Blinds -60000/120000
Antes -15000
Entries -2/316

-- Clinton Cartwright - HoldemRadio.com