Sunday, September 23, 2018


Jackson White was the short stack in the @HPTpoker @Gates_Poker Main Event when play was 10-15 players from the money.

A double here, a double there, and White had chipped up to more than a half-milly and made the money.

All in with Ace_King, White draw a call from Carl Oman, who was holding Pocket_Queens and had White covered.

The board ran out 9-4-7-2-3 and White was eliminated in 17th place, a $6,781 cash.

Oman moved to 1.15 million.

Tony Piazza was eliminated one hand later in 16th, also a $6,781 cash.

Level - 24
BB Ante - 24k
Blinds - 12k/24k
Remaining - 15/496

-- Dan Ross, Hold'em Live Updates


Here's the players cashing for $5,177 by finishing in 19-27th place in the @HPTpoker @Gates_Poker $1650 Main Event.

Down to 18 players, nine eliminations from the end of the night and the setting of the final table. The field combines to a single table when down to 10, one additional elimination before ending play for the night.

19CalebShumardPueblo, CO$5,177
20JohnMenapaceRock Springs, WY$5,177
21BenjaminKeelineLongmont, CO$5,177
22MarkTekavecAurora, CO$5,177
23JarredSimmerHigh. Ranch, CO$5,177
24LukasVolmanGrand Junct., CO$5,177
25NilsBardsleyDenver, CO$5,177
26DannyPhamDenver, CO$5,177
27LanceGarciaKaty, TX$5,177

Level - 24
BB Ante - 24000
Blinds - 12000/24000
Remaining - 18/496

-- Dan Ross, Hold'em Live Updates


Back from dinner with just 5BB, John Menapace found a double, then moved all in with Pocket_Tens for his last 245,000 ... only to run in to the Pocket_Aces of Richard Alsup, who barely had Menapace covered.

20th place for a $5,177 cash for Menapace.

Alsup moved to 550,000.

Level - 23
BB Ante - 20k
Blinds - 10k/20k
Remaining - 19/496

-- Dan Ross, Hold'em Live Updates


Fresh off a double, Derrick Montano mixes it up with Shawn Roberts.

The board is Kc Kc Kc Kc and Roberts leads out for 80,000. Montano doesn't want to give it up, but he eventually flashes  qc as he mucks.

Roberts shows Kc and Montano asks what the other card was.

"Queen_Jack," says Roberts and Montano says he folded Ace_King.

A river Jack could have caused quite the betting action ...

Roberts moves to 1.15 million, Montano down to 350,000

Level - 23
BB Ante - 20k
Blinds - 10k/20k
Remaining - 20/496

-- Dan Ross, Hold'em Live Updates


The dealer says, "All in .. and a call," over at Table 3, and it is Alex @Greenblatt1 mixing it up with Ben @KeeksWellington Keeline.

The board is already out, K-Q-T-Q-3

Keeline has T-T for Tens full of Queens
Greenblatt has K-Q for Queens full of Kings, and he has Keeline covered ... the turn Queen gave each player a full house ...

Boat-over-boat for the biggest pot of the entire tournament.

Keeline is eliminated in 21st place, a $5,177 cash.

Greenblatt, who had the chiplead before taking down that 1.3 million pot, moves to 2.1 million and a substantial lead over the field.

Level - 23
BB Ante -
Blinds - /
Remaining - /496

-- Dan Ross, Hold'em Live Updates