Tuesday, March 19, 2019


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Here's the LiveStream for the @HPTpoker @Hollywood STL Main Event final table - $148,587 up top - with @DomJSil on the commentary. No hole cards, as Missouri state gaming law does not allow such.

Monday, March 18, 2019


Aces on the final hand flop a set and hold as Bill Byrnes defeats Keith Heine heads-up to win the @HPTpoker $1,650 Main Event at @StLouisPokerHC for a $148,587 payday.

Byrnes opened for 300,000 on the final hand, Heine called, then Heine made it 500,000 on the Ace-High flop. An all-in from Heine on the turn with a flush draw drew an insta-call from Byrnes with the top set. The Aces held and the HPT St Louis Title belonged to Byrnes.

Heine earned $91,735 as runner-up.

Less than six hours for the entire deep-stacked final table was not what most anticipated, but the nine players never took their feet off the gas pedal all afternoon long.

Stephen Green took 3rd for $61,049, while Dave Simon went from 4 million chips to out in 3 hands for a rough exit in 4th place, a $42,314 cash, and Kou Vang grabbed 5th for a $31,978 score.

Andy Echele (6th place, $24,872) had his Aces cracked by the 6-7 of Heine when Echele limped to try and get action, only to get more than he hoped for when Heine turned a full house.

Tim Burden came to the final table with a big chiplead and extended that lead quite a bit in the first hour of play - at one point holding more than one-third of all the chips in play 8-handed.

From 7-handed play, however, Burden's stack went continually downhill, and he cashed out in 7th for $20,673.

Joe Landazzi (8th, $17,120) and Greg Wood (9th, $14,471) rounded out teh final table cashes.

Among the players who eared a payout in the main event was Jason mangold (14th, $8,334), Jason Darland (15th, $8,334), Shawn Roberts (19th, $5,166), Allen Kessler (30th, $4,199), Mary Sturges (31st, $4,199), Ryan Gregor, (32nd, $4,199), Andy Rogowski (35th, $4,199) and Ryan Tepen (40th, $3,533).

Here's the final results.

-- Dan Ross, Hold'em Media Live
-- HayleyOcho Hochstetler photo


Bill Byrnes opens to 300,000 and gets a call from Keith Heine, heads-up for the @HPTpoker @StLouisPokerHC title. There's an open for 500,000 from Heine on the flop and a call from Byrnes.

The board is 8h Ad Kh

Heine declares himself all in on the 5d turn and Byrnes snaps the call.

Byrnes - Ah Ac
Heine - Jh 2h

"I think it's gonna be the 7 of Hearts," says Heine.

The river 2s eliminates Heine in second place, a $91,735 cash, Byrnes earning the victory and the $148,587 first-place prize.

-- Dan Ross, Hold'em Media Live
-- HayleyOcho Hochstetler photo


Down almost 5-1 in chips in the heads-up match in the @HPTpoker @StLouisPokerHC Main Event Keith_Heine moves all in for 1,490,000 and Bill Byrnes makes the call.

Byrnes - Kc
Heine - 5h ch

The board goes Ad 7s As 6c Qd and Heine finds a much-needed double to cut the lead almost to 2-1.

Level - 29
Ante - 50000
Blinds - 50000/100000
Entries - 2/444

-- Dan Ross, Hold'em Media Live
-- HayleyOcho Hochstetler photo


A few hands after Bill Byrnes rivered a gutter for a straight to take a 4-1 chiplead, @Keith_Heine 3-bets preflop to 225,000 and Byrnes calls here in the @HPTpoker @StLouisPokerHC Main Event heads-up match.

The flop goes Tc 8h 4h

Byrnes leads out for 500,000, there's an all in from Heine, and an announced snap-call from Byrnes.

Heine - Qs Qh for an overpair
Byrnes - Td 3d for top pair

No help for Byrnes on the turn or river and the chiplead is down to 2-1 for Byrnes.

Level - 28
Ante - 40000
Blinds - 40000/80000
Entries - 2/444

-- Dan Ross, Hold'em Media Live
-- HayleyOcho Hochstetler photo