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Monday, November 13, 2017

And the Winner is...

Keven Stammen is the new @HPTPoker @Belterra Main Event Champion, November 2017!

In addition to winning $87,303 in prize money, Stammen will also receive an HPT Bracelet as well as a $3,600 Championship Package that he can use later this month in the Championship Event at St. Charles.

This is Stammen's 6th HPT Main Event cash, 3rd HPT Main Event Final Table and 1st HPT title.

All three of Stammen's final table appearnaces were here in Belterra, once when he finished 6th in November 2013 and once when he finished 8th in March 2016.

Including his winning Event #1 here last week, Stammen is now just shy of $5,180,000 in total live tournament earnings.

Jessica Parente - Hold'em Live Updates

Bill Horsman - 2nd Place - $53,898

Bill Horsman finishes in 2nd place for $53,898.

Horsman is first to act and goes all-in.  Keven Stammen quickly calls and the players watch as the hand unfolds.

Board:  Kc  Kc  Kc  Kc  Kc

Stammen:  Kc  Kc
Horsman:  Kc  Kc

Stammen's pocket pair hold up and Horsman is eliminated.  This is Horsman's biggest recorded cash and first HPT Main Event cash.

Jessica Parente - Hold'em Live Updates

Mike Shanahan - 3rd Place - $35,868

Mike Shanahan is out in 3rd place after bluff-shoving against Keven Stammen's monster hand.

Stammen is first to act pre-flop and raises to 325,000.  Both Bill Horsman and Shanahan call.

Flop:  Kc  Kc  Kc

All three players check.

Turn:  Kc

Horsman checks, Shanahan bets 700,000 and Stammen calls.  Horsman folds.

River:   qc

Shanahan shoves all-in and Stammen snap-calls.

Stammen:  Kc  Kc
Shanahan:  Kc  Kc

Shanahan is eliminated and Stammen takes an overwhelming chip lead against his heads up opponent, Bill Horsman.

Level - 32
Blinds - 80k/160k
Antes - 20k
Remaining - 2

Jessica Parente - Hold'em Live Updates

Shanahan Doubles Up

Mike Shanahan doubles up through Keven Stammen.

Stammen is on the button and raises to 325,000.  Shanahan declares all-in and Stammen makes the call.

Board:   qc  Kc  Kc  Kc  Kc

Shanahan:  Kc  Kc
Stammen:  Kc  Kc

Shanahan now has about 3,225,000 in chips.

Level - 32
Blinds - 80k/160k
Antes - 20k
Remaining - 3

Jessica Parente - Hold'em Live Updates

Updated Chipcounts

Players have elected to take a quick break between levels.  Here are their chipcounts:

Michael Scarborough OUT
Gary Herstein OUT
Bob Brandl OUT
Bill Horsman 1,735,000 1 4
Ray Attiyah OUT
Mike Shanahan 1,345,000 1 6
Steve Fox OUT
Scott Schwalich OUT
Keven Stammen 8,895,000 1 9

Jessica Parente - Hold'em Live Updates