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Monday, September 18, 2017

Next HPT Event

Next HPT Event:  Ameristar St. Charles,
September 20 - October 2, 2017

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Jessica Parente (@LadyJ_Poker) - Hold'em Live Updates

And the Winner is...

Alex Greenblatt (@Greenblatt1) of Atherton, CA,
has won the September 2017 HPT Black Hawk Main Event!

This is Greenblatt's fourth HPT Main Event cash and third final table.  Previously, in September 2013, he finished 2nd here in Black Hawk for $145,898.  And in September 2014, he finished 5th in Lincoln, CA.

In addition, Greenblatt has an impressive win record across the globe, with several international cashes as well.

With his win today, he not only earns the title of HPT Main Event Champion, but also increases his biggest live tournament cash on record to $179,274 and has broken the $1,000,000 mark for total live tournament earnings.

Congratulations, Alex!

Jessica Parente (@LadyJ_Poker) - Hold'em Live Updates

Matt Livingston - 2nd Place - $110,747

Matt Livingston, a local player from Windsor, CO, finishes in 2nd place for $110,747.

This is his 3rd HPT Black Hawk Main Event cash and 2nd final table.  He tied his own placement after finishing 2nd in February 2016, which was for a larger cash of $152,808.

At the start of heads up play, Livingston had Greenblatt out-chipped more than 3:1, but took a lot of big hits.  The cards were not in his favor, and suddenly he found himself in a 1:3 deficit.

Livingston goes all-in pre-flop for the rest of his chips: 4.56 million and Greenblatt makes the call.

Board:  Kc Kc Kc Kc Kc

Greenblatt:  Kc Kc
Livingston:   qc Kc

Level - 15k/60k/120k

And, with that, the tournament is over and Livingston is our September 2017 HPT Black Hawk runner up.

Jessica Parente (@LadyJ_Poker) - Hold'em Live Updates

The Tables Have Turned

@Greenblatt1 - Alex Greenblatt takes the lead with a big hand, no showdown.

Greenblatt raises to 260K and Matt Livingston re-raises to 820K.  Greenblatt four-bets to 1.9 million and Livingston makes the call.

Flop:  Kc Kc Kc

Livingston checks and Greenblatt bets 1.3 million.  Livingston folds, Greenblatt takes the pot, and is now sitting with about 11 million.

Level - 15k/60k/120k

Remaining - 2

Jessica Parente (@LadyJ_Poker) - Hold'em Live Updates

Greenblatt Doubles Up

@Greenblatt1 - Alex Greenblatt gets a double up, evening out the chip stacks here in heads up play.

Greenblatt raises to 260K, Matt Livingston re-raises to 820K, and Greenblatt calls.

Flop:  Kc Kc Kc

Livingston bets 850K and Greenblatt calls.

Turn:  Kc

Livingston announces all-in and Greenblatt snap calls, going all-in for less with 2.265 million.

River:  Kc

Greenblatt:   qc Kc
Livingston:  Kc Kc

Greenblatt now sits with about 7 million in chips.

Level - 10k/50k/100k

Remaining - 2

Jessica Parente (@LadyJ_Poker) - Hold'em Live Updates