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Sunday, August 12, 2018


We have a winner in the opening event of the HPT series at Ameristar St. Charles. Brad Coultas went on a heater as soon as the final table started and played the big stack accordingly. Coultas single-handedly eliminated all but two of the final ten players.

Coultas had Mike Bell covered 8:1 when heads up play began. Though Bell did find one double up early, his run at a comeback ended pretty quickly.

On the final hand, Coultas went all in with KcKc and got a call from Bell's KcKc.

The flop came KcKcKc giving Coultas the lead. Bell called for a queen which he needed for the straight. His wish was granted as the Kc came on the turn.

Bell began to celebrate but the celebration was premature as the river came the Kc. That gave both players a flush wish Coultas holding the jack for the higher flush.

Bell was eliminated in second place and earned $25,687. Coultas has outlasted 616 entries to win the $350 NLH Event #1 here at Ameristar St. Charles for $41,583. It's the largest score of the Estero, Florida man's poker career.

Action continues all week here in St. Louis. The first of two flights for the $1,650 Main Event is Friday. Click HERE for a full schedule of events.


Margie Ferguson battled her way through the field today. She found herself short stacked several times but always managed to find a way to stay alive.

The Jefferson City woman's luck finally ran out as she was eliminated in third place. Ferguson will take home $16,835 for third place.

Mike Bell and Brad Coultas are now heads up for all the marbles. First place pays $41,583 and second will walk away with $25,687.


Brandon Wise (pictured) and Arland Goldberg just got eliminated one right after the other in fifth and fourth place, respectively.

Wise, from Greenville, Illinois, collected $8,501 for the fifth-place finish. He'll add that to his current earnings total of $40,597.

Goldberg went out just after Wise. The Urbana, Illinois native has one previous HPT cash on his record. That was a $512 score in January. Goldberg will take home $11,698 for fourth place.


Margie Ferguson pushed all-in for her last 1,060,000 and got a call from Arlan Goldberg.

Ferguson's jack-ten of spades was behind Goldberg's ace-king but not by much

The flop was all clubs with a 10, putting Ferguson in the lead. Neither player had a club. The turn brought another club creating the possibility of a flush on the board for a chopped pot. The river was a non-club jack giving Ferguson the winning hand a full double.

We're still 5-handed. Brad Coultas is the chip leader with about 3.1M. Players are allowed to chop but, so far, have not come to an agreement to do so.

Level: 28 (23:00 remaining)
Blinds: 50k/100k
BB Ante: 100k
Buy-In: $350
Total Players: 616
Remaining: 5


Dennis Phillips (@Dennis_Phillips) is arguably the most recognizable poker player in the St. Louis area. Phillips is best known for his third-place finish in the 2008 WSOP Main Event where he earned over $4.5 million.

Phillips made a deep run in the opening HPT event here at Ameristar St. Charles but ultimately fell short of the title going out in seventh place for $5,544.

Brian Nguyen has had some nice scores at recent HPT events. The O'Fallon, Missouri man finished third in this very event earlier this year. He was hoping to improve on that finish by two spots this time around but, alas, it wasn't meant to be.

Nguyen went out in sixth place today and earned $6,597 for his efforts.

Level: 27 (11:00 remaining)
Blinds: 40k/80k
BB Ante: 80k
Total Players: 616
Buy-In: $350
Remaining: 5