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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

From Dealer to Champ on HPT for $113K

Greg Radosh made his second appearance at a nationally televised Heartland Poker Tour (HPT) Final Table today. His first showing came last year when he was in the dealer’s box pitching cards to the final nine competitors. This time around Radosh was there as a player. When it was all said and done, the Barnhart, Missouri man was crowned champion at Ameristar Casino Resort Spa St. Charles to the tune of $113,000.

“It feels pretty surreal,” said Radosh after securing the victory. “Like I’m dreaming right now.”
Local attorney Christian Montroy was the last man standing between Radosh and the title. The final hand saw the two get all the chips in the middle with Montroy holding a pair to Radosh’s straight. Montroy was playing in his first live tournament and was thrilled to finish in second place. “I’m going to buy the largest TV ever created,” he said in his exit interview. The second-place finish was good for a $71,536 payday.

One of the most successful players in HPT history, Reginald “Shawn” Roberts, has plenty of experience under the bright lights of an HPT Final Table. The Springfield, Missouri man sat down in front of the cameras for the ninth time on Monday. Roberts is also HPT’s current Player of the Year. Though he was unable to add a fourth victory to his long list of accomplishments, he did climb all the way to third place before being eliminated. That finish earned him $47,904.

Several tour regulars were spotted in the field at Ameristar St Charles throughout the weekend, including past champions Greg Jennings and Paul Belken. All-time money leader Craig Casino added another cash to his resume as well. In all, there were 346 entrants in the Main Event. Last week’s opening event saw over 500 participants.

Poker player Paul Fehlig is another player who is no stranger to playing on TV with HPT, with two previous appearances. The title remained elusive for Fehlig who was eliminated in fourth place for $33,410. He plans to use the winnings to “buy my cat something nice.”

William Fitzgerald enjoyed his first time playing with the tour. Fitzgerald, of Germantown, Tennessee, came into the day with one of the smaller stacks at the table. He played his stack well and managed to climb the pay ladder all the way to a fifth-place finish for a $25,057 score.
Chesterfield, Missouri’s Joe Christian invested just $400 to get to Monday’s Final Table. The technology salesman listed his career winnings at $0. Christian can now add $19,653 to that total as that is what he collected for sixth place.

Michael McKuin plans to donate a portion of his earnings from the tournament to the Jr National kids youth program. The Fisk, Missouri native wasn’t able to get much going early on. McKuin put the last of his chips in the middle before the flop with five-six. He was called by Montroy’s ace-jack. The flop and turn gave McKuin a shot at a flush, but alas the diamond he needed did not come on the river and he was sent to the rail in seventh place. He will take home $16,607 for his efforts.

Like Fitzgerald, Tim Bullard was playing in his first HPT event. The retired salesman from Houston, Texas would go on to finish in eighth place, collecting $13,757 along the way. Not bad for a weekend’s worth of work.

Detention Specialist Tremell Jones had the least amount of chips at the table when play began. He put the last of them at risk with pocket queens only to be called by Robert’s ace-king. Jones came out on the losing end of the proverbial coinflip, sending him to the exit. The Edmunson, Missouri man earned $11,841 for the ninth-place finish.

From here, HPT will take a short break before returning to the road in July. The next scheduled tour stop is in Colorado July 7-18. That series will culminate with an $1100 Main Event. Several other 2016 stops are listed at, including the Season XII championship event in Northern California which will feature a $2,500 nationally televised Main Event.

- Here are the payouts for the @HPTPoker $1,650 Main Event at Ameristar St. Charles

346 Entries
$491,320 Prize Pool
Pays 36 Places

Place Name City Payout
1 Greg Radosh Barnhart, MO $113,000
2 Christian Montroy St. Louis, MO $71,536
3 Reginald Roberts Springfield, MO $47,904
4 Paul Fehlig St. Louis, MO $33,410
5 William Fitzgerald  Germantown, TN $25,057
6 Joe Christian Chesterfield, MO $19,653
7 Michael McKuin Fisk, MO $16,607
8 Tim Bullard Houston, TX $13,757
9 Tremell Jones  Edmundson, MO $11,841
10 Robert Wilson Gower, MO $9,335
11 Bill Byrnes Wentzville, MO $9,335
12 Vijay Natarajan St. Louis, MO $9,335
13 Don Havener Union, MO $7,026
14 Jason Simon O'Fallon, MO $7,026
15 David Hipperson St. Louis, MO $7,026
16 Craig Casino Winfield, IL $5,503
17 George Robbins St. Louis, MO $5,503
18 William Haner Collinsville, IL $5,503
19 Garrett Riley Quincy, IL $4,422
20 Jeffrey Brin Olathe, KS $4,422
21 Brian Nguyen O'Fallon, MO $4,422
22 Peter Brooks St. Louis, MO $4,422
23 Eric Sieler St. Louis, MO $4,422
24 Robert Joyce St. Peters, MO $4,422
25 Melvin Jackson St. Louis, MO $4,422
26 Philip Gilreath Waterloo, IL $4,422
27 Si Vo St. Louis, MO $4,422
28 Timothy Palmer Springfiled, Il $3,685
29 Xiaoyan Wang Palm Beach, FL $3,685
30 Cameron Rezaie Eureka, MO $3,685
31 Stephen Green Wright City, MO $3,685
32 William CmCracken Bolivar, MO $3,685
33 Saikrishna Tarapareddy St. Charles, MO $3,685
34 Jason Darland Merriam, KS $3,685
35 Craig Welko Ballwin, MO $3,685
36 Terry Stuhldreher St. Charles, MO $3,685

Monday, May 23, 2016

1st Place - Greg Radosh - $113,000

From 7 players in, Greg Radosh and Chris Montroy were running the table here at the Ameristar St. Charles Main Event. The two players ended heads-up for the $113,000 first prize.

Radosh - a local poker dealer who was dealer for the HPT St. Louis Main Event Final Table a year ago - had the chiplead and spent heads-up time grinding Montroy down.

The final hand had Radosh flopping the nuts with 8-9 on a T-J-7 board, and Montroy shoved into him on the river.

Greg Radosh - First Place - $113,000

-- Dan Ross -

2nd Place - Chris Montroy - $71,536

Chris Montroy is all in on the river with the board reading T-J-7-4-K and is called by Greg Radosh

Radosh - 8-9, he flopped the nuts
Montroy - 6-7 for 3rd pair flopped

Chris Montroy - 2nd Place - $71,536

-- Dan Ross -

Montroy Doubles

Greg Radosh had a 4-1 chiplead and pushes Chris Montroy all in preflop.

Radosh A-6
Montroy - Q-J

A Q on the turn gives Montroy the double and stacks are back to what they were when heads-up play began.

Radosh - 6,800,000
Montroy - 3,600,000

-- Dan Ross -

Heads Up for $113,000

@HPTPoker @AmeristarSC is heads up between Greg Radosh (above) and Chris Montroy (below). 

Radosh is a poker dealer who dealt the HPT St. Louis Main Event Final Table last year. Montroy is playing in his first live tournament, having won his way here via a homegame. 

When play began today, Montroy was on the sidelines, still serving a penalty he received from Day 2 play the night before for acting out of turn.

These two not are playing for $113,000 up top, with the runner up receiving $71,536

6,600,000 Greg Radosh
3,700,000 Chris Montroy

-- Dan Ross -

3rd Place - Reginald 'Shawn' Roberts - $47,904

Shawn Roberts just lost a big pot to Chris Montroy, and now he is all-in preflop and called by chipleader Greg Radosh.

Roberts - 6♥️ 6♦️
Radosh T♣️ 8♣️

The board runs out K♥️ 8♦️ 9♣️ K♠️ A♠️ and Roberts, the 2015 HPT Player of the Year, is eliminated

Shawn Roberts - 3rd Place - $47,904

-- Dan Ross -

4th Place - Paul Fehlig - $33,410

Chipleader Greg Radosh leads out and shortstack Paul Fehlig moves all in, with Radosh calling.

Radosh - A♥️ 2♥️
Fehlig - K♥️ T♥️

The board runs out 9♣️ A♣️ 6♠️ 6♥️ and Fehlig is now drawing dead.

Paul Fehlig - 4th Place - $33,410

-- Dan Ross -

4-Handed Chipcounts

@HPTPoker @AmeristarSC is now 4-handed, here are their chipcounts as players take a 15-minute break.

4,650,000 Chris Montroy
3,130,000 Greg Radosh
1,575,000 Shawn Roberts
990,000 Paul Fehlig

-- Dan Ross -

5th Place - Dax Fitzgerald - $25,057

Greg Radosh and William 'Dax' Fitzgerald get all their chips in the middle preflop, a 2.95 million pot.

Radosh - J♣️ J♠️
Fitzgerald Q♥️ J♥️

The board runs out 4♣️ K♣️ 8♦️ K♦️ 8♠️ and Fitzgerald is eliminated

William Dax Fitzgerald - $25,057
Greg Radosh - 2,950,000

-- Dan Ross -

6th Place - Joe Christian - $19,653

One hand after Chris Montroy knocked out Michael 'fiskflash' McKuin, he is all in preflop trying to knock out short stack Joe Christian.

Montroy - 6♦️ 6 ♥️
Christian - K♣️ 9♠️

The board runs out 3♣️ 5♥️ 8♥️ J♠️ J♦️ and Christian is eliminated

Joe Christian - $19,653

-- Dan Ross -

7th Place - Michael McKuin - $16,607

Michael McKuin moves all in preflop or 310,000 and is called by chipleader Chris Montroy.

McKuin - 5♦️ 6♦️
Montroy - A♣️ J♠️

The flop of A♠️ 8♦️ 4♣️ gives Montroy top pair and a gutshot straight draw.

The J♦️ turn adds a flush draw for McKuin, but the 9♥️ closes it out and McKuin is eliminated.

Michael McKuin - $16,607

-- Dan Ross -

8th Place - Tim Bullard - $13,757

Tim Bullard moves all in on a 6♦️ 4♦️ 6♣️ flop, and is called by Michael McKuin. Bullard is the shorter stack.

Bullard - A♦️ Q♥️ for two overcards
McKuin - 8♦️ 7♦️ for a gutshot straight flush draw.

The 8♠️ turn pairs McKuin and adds a straight draw also

The river 5♥️ completes the straight and eliminated Bullard.

Michael McKuin - 2,165,000
Tim Bullard - 8th Place - $13,757

Level - 25
Blinds - 15000/30000
Antes - 4000
Players - 7

-- Dan Ross -

9th Place - Tremell Jones - $11,841

Tremell Jones moves all in and is called by Reginald 'Shawn' Roberts.

Jones - QQ
Roberts - AK

The board runs out A♣️ 4♣️ 6♣️ 6♦️ A♠️ and Jones is eliminated.

Shawn Roberts - 2,100,000
Tremmell Jones - 9th Place - $11,841

Level - 24
Blinds - 12000/24000
Antes - 4000
Players - 8

-- Dan Ross -

Championship at @TVPokerRoom

The @HPTPoker Season Championship this year is a $2500 buyin at one of the nation's premier tournament locations - Thunder Valley Casino in northern California - where some of the largest HPT prize pools have been generated in past years.

The full series will run Oct. 13-24, and while the schedule is being set up right now, I am pretty sure you can expect the kickoff event to be a massive one, the $425 Monolith - a $250,000 guarantee with multiple starting flights that has had almost 1,000 entries in previous years when HPT has come to Thunder Valley.

Each day will feature multiple tournaments and Main Event satellites also. The full schedule, room rates and more will be available soon.

The HPT Updates team this year is provided by HoldemRadio - also the home Live Updates team for Thunder Valley, so we will be on site not just for the Main Event but for the entire series. Come out and join us, all our friends who will be filling tournament table seats, and be part of what could be the biggest HPT event ever - the 2016 Season Championship $2500.

-- Dan Ross -

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Your Final Table

Here are the players coming back at Noon Monday for the Televised Final Table 
of the Ameristar St. Charles Main Event, starting with 
Greg Radosh - Seat 1 - 1,428,000

Chris Montroy - Seat 2 - 1,521,000

William Fitzgerald - Seat 3 - 730,000

Paul Fehlig - Seat 4 - 912,000

Tremell Jones - Seat 5 - 696,000

Joe Christian - Seat 6 - 1,156,000

Shawn Roberts - Seat 7 - 1,246,000

Michael McKuin - Seat 8 - 1,188,000

Tim Bullard - Seat 9 - 1,466,000

Level - 24
Blinds - 12000/24000
Antes - 4000
Players - 9

-- Dan Ross -

10th Place - Robert Wilson - $9,335

Robert Wilson is all in on a Queen high turn with Q-J, called by the A-Q of Michael McKuin. The river 9 pairs the board, McKuin's Ace plays and he has Wilson covered, eliminating WIlson in 10th place and establishing the final table for tomorrow.

Before he can return from a one-lap penalty, Chris Montroy advances to Monday ....

Level 24
Blinds - 12000/24000
Antes - 4000
Players - 9

-- Dan Ross -

All In, Oops

Greg Radosh raises to 65,000, Chris Montroy 3-bets to 106,000, William Fitzgerald 4-bets to 219,000 ... and here's where all the fun starts.

Before Radosh can act, Montroy stands up and announces, "All In."

Radosh grimaces, then asks Jeremy The TD what happens to the out-of-turn call of All In by Montroy if Radosh calls, moves all in himself, or folds, and whether he can show his hand if he folds.

He gets the TD's details, including the fact he can't expose his hand since Fitzgerald still has to act.

Radosh folds, Montroy stands, moves all-in for 701,000 and Fitzgerald SNAP calls.

Montroy - TT
Fitzgerald - AA

... And Radosh immediately says, "No Queen," as he says he folded QQ.

So ... come on, you KNOW what happens next, right?

Yep ...

Q in the window, followed by 9-K.

Turn 8 ..
River  ............. J and Montroy cracks AA with a straight, moving to 1,450,000 and Fitzgerald slides to 850,000.

Wait, we're not done.

Montroy then gets a one-lap penalty for acting out-of-turn.

OK, I'm tired from writing all that down, somebody get me a Starbucks ...

Level - 24
Blinds - 12000/24000
Antes - 4000
Players - 10

-- Dan Ross -

1 Table of 10

Here are your 10 remaining players in the Ameristar St. Charles Main Event. One players is left to be eliminated before the end of the night.

1.  - Greg Radosh - 1,520,000
2.  - Chris Montroy - 625,000
3.  - William Fitzgerald - 1,539,000
4.  - Robert Wilson - 481,000
5.  - Paul Fehlig - 843,000
6.  - Tremell Jones - 762,000
7.  - Joe Christian - 1,105,000
8.  - Shawn Roberts - 1,400,000
9.  - Michael McKuin - 450,000
10. - Tim Bullard - 1,590,000

Level - 24
Blinds - 12000/24000
Antes - 4000
Players - 10

-- Dan Ross -

And Then There Were 10

The Q9 of Bill Byrnes falls to JJ of Joe Christian - Yes, you CAN win with JJ - and we are down to one table in the HPT Main Event.

1 more elimination until the end of the night.

Level - 24
Blinds - 12000/24000
Antes - 4000
Players - 10

-- Dan Ross -

Payouts 13-18

Here are the payouts for 13-18th place in the @HPTPoker @AmeristarSC Main Event.

13Don HavenerUnion, MO$7,026
14Jason SimonO'Fallon, MO$7,026
15David HippersonSt. Louis, MO$7,026
16Craig CasinoWinfield, IL$5,503
17George RobbinsSt. Louis, MO$5,503
18William HanerCollinsville, IL$5,503

-- Dan Ross -


Vijay Natarajan bets out 110,000 on a K♥️ T♠️ 6♠️ flop and Tim Bullard (pictured above, with Craig Casino) moves all in for 719,000. Natarajan asks for a count, sees it is for just about his entire stack, and he makes the call.

Bullard - A♠️ 4♠️ for a flush draw
Natarajan - K♦️ J♦️ for top pair and a backdoor straight draw

The Q ♣️turn makes an open-ended straight draw now for Natarajan, but the 9♠️ river completes the flush. The dealer counts the stack down and Natarajan, once at 1.5 million, is down to just 57,000, or fewer than 3BB.

Natarajan is eliminated a few hands later by Greg Radosh.

Level - 23
Blinds - 10000/20000
Antes - 3000
Players - 11

-- Dan Ross -

Level 23 Chipcounts

Here's how the final 12 players in @HPTPoker @AmeristarSC stand during Level 23. We are three eliminations from the end of the night. 

Monday's schedule is for cards in the air at Noon for the final 9 players at the TV Final Table, with a LiveStream (no hole cards per Missouri gaming laws) starting 30 minutes later.

1,700,000 Greg Radosh
1,650,000 William Fitzgerald
1,450,000 Shawn Roberts
945,000 Vijay Natarajan
900,000 Tremell  Jones
785,000 Tim Bullard
750,000 Joe Christian
550,000 Paul Fehlig
400,000 Bill Byrnes
400,000 Chris Montroy
395,000 Robert Wilson
245,000 Michael McKuin

-- Dan Ross -

Greg Gets Don Again

Just a few hands after doubling up to 500,000, it was Don Havener running once again into his nemesis Greg Radosh in an all-in situation. This time, however, Radosh had Havener covered and won the hand to eliminate Havener.

Don Havener - 13th Place - $7,026
Greg Radosh - 1,700,000 - new chipleader

Level - 23
Blinds - 10000/20000
Antes - 3000
Players - 12

-- Dan Ross -

Don Is Out, Um, Wait

Don Havener moves all-in preflop and is called by chipleader Vijay Natarajan.

Havener - A♠️ 7♠️
Natarajan - A♦️ J♦️ 

There's groans and exclamations of surprise from the table and the rail when the flop comes out 5-7-7. 

Remember before dinner when I posted about Havener having run into quads from Greg Radosh, and Havener said "I have some work to do," after falling to 200,000?

Well, the board runs out 4-Q and Havener doubles through Natarajan.

Don Havener - 500,000
Vijay Natarajan - 1,300,000

Level - 22
Blinds - 8000/16000
Antes - 2000
Players - 13

-- Dan Ross -

Boat Don't Lie

Jason Simon moves all in with KK on a QTx flop, only to find out he's run in to the QT of Shawn Roberts. The turn Q makes a boat for Roberts, and Simon is eliminated in 14th place, cashing for $7,026.

David Hipperson was eliminated a few hands earlier in 15th, also cashing for $7,026.

We are now 4 eliminations away from the end of Day 2.

Shawn Roberts - 1,380,000

Level - 22
Blinds - 8000/16000
Antes - 2000
Players - 13

-- Dan Ross -

Roberts Up

Keeping pressure on his opponents early in Level 22, Shawn Roberts has chipped up to right at a milly.

Paul Fehlig just made it 38,000 to go preflop, and Roberts raised him to make it a flat 100,000. Fehlig found a fold and Roberts showed AA.

Level - 22
Blinds - 8000/16000
Antes - 200
Players - 15

-- Dan Ross -

Start 'er Back Up

The final 15 players are back, with 6 more eliminations until the TV Final Table is set and we shut down for the night, coming back Monday afternoon to play down to a $113,000-richer champion.

Joe Christian and Vijay Natarajan lead the with with more than a Milly each, followed closely behind by Tremell Jones and Chris Montroy.

2015 HPT Player of the Year Shawn Roberts sits 5/15 with 839,000, and All-Time HPT Money Leader Craig Casino was eliminated on the last hand before break, cashing in 16th place for his record-25th HPT cash.

Level - 22
Blinds - 8000/16000
Antes - 2000
Players - 15

-- Dan Ross -

Dinner Break Chipcounts

Here's where everyone stands as the final 15 players head off on a 60-minute dinner break.

1,118,000 Joe Christian
1,093,000 Vijay Natarajan
975,000 Tremell  Jones
971,000 Chris Montroy
839,000 Shawn Roberts
817,000 Bill Byrnes
811,000 Tim Bullard
758,000 Robert Wilson
685,000 Paul Fehlig
552,000 Greg Radosh
493,000 Jason Simon
383,000 Michael McKuin
339,000 Don Havener
300,000 David Hipperson
273,000 William Fitzgerald

When they return, action is at

Level - 22
Blinds - 8000/16000
Antes - 2000
Players - 16

-- Dan Ross -

Casino Crushed

The flop is T♣️ 9♦️ J♣️ and @CraigCasino1 moves all-in, only to be snap-called by Bill Byrnes

Casino - Q♠️ 9♥️ for bottom pair and an open-ended straight
Byrnes - Q♣️ Q♦️ for top pair and the same straight draw, plus a backdoor flush draw.

The K♣️ makes this a chop-pot as both players hit K-high straight, but that's the 3rd club, now giving Byrnes an open-ended straight flush/Royal draw - well any flush gets there, and the 5♣️ knocks Casino out of the Main Event in 16th place on the final hand before dinner break.

Bill Byrnes - 817,000
Craig Casino - $5,503

-- Dan Ross -

Quads Be Good

"Quads can be hard to beat," said Don Havener, who was on the wrong wide when Greg Radosh saw his 9-9 catch a 9 on the flop and the case 9 on the turn.

Radosh doubled to 590,000 while Havener slid to 210,000.

"I just have some work to do," said Havener, as Radosh received some congrats from his buddies on his rail.

Level - 21
Blinds - 6000/12000
Antes - 2000
Players - 16

-- Dan Ross -

Where Are They At?

Here's a quick look at the chipcounts for the 16 remaining players in the @HPTPoker @AmeristarSC Main Event as we near the end of Level 21

1,340,000 Vijay Natarajan
1,100,000 Tremell  Jones
950,000 Tim Bullard
920,000 Joe Christian
850,000 Shawn Roberts
760,000 Paul Fehlig
650,000 Robert Wilson
590,000 Greg Radosh
510,000 Bill Byrnes
400,000 Jason Simon
340,000 William Fitzgerald
320,000 Craig Casino
310,000 Chris Montroy
300,000 David Hipperson
255,000 Michael McKuin
210,000 Don Havener

-- Dan Ross -

Another For Tremell

A♥️ K♦️ of Tremell Jones bests the all-in A♣️ 4♠️ from George Robbins on a 7-9-8-J-6 board, eliminating Robbins in 17th place and moving Jones to 1,100,000 with 30 minutes to go until dinner break.

Level - 21
Blinds - 6000/12000
Antes - 2000
Players - 16

-- Dan Ross -

Payouts 19-27

Here are the players who cashed in 19-27th Place in the 2016 HPT Ameristar St. Charles $1650
Main Event.

19Garrett RileyQuincy, IL$4,422
20Jeffrey BrinOlathe, KS$4,422
21Brian NguyenO'Fallon, MO$4,422
22Peter BrooksSt. Louis, MO$4,422
23Eric SielerSt. Louis, MO$4,422
24Robert JoyceSt. Peters, MO$4,422
25Melvin JacksonSt. Louis, MO$4,422
26Philip GilreathWaterloo, IL$4,422
27Si VoSt. Louis, MO$4,422

-- Dan Ross -

Time for @RadioAmanda and Last Woman Standing

Image of a ShoutOut

Most of the photos of the @HPTPoker @AmeristarSC Main Event - and all of the really good ones, too - are courtesy of Eric Harkins and Image Masters, producers of some of the most iconic poker photos from the last 15 years.

Harkins and the Image Masters team not travels to many HPT tour stops and is onsite not just for the Main Event but for the entire series. Players can purchase their own photos from events right on site from the Image Masters crew.

Take a look at their all-new website where you can find your photos from an HPT event and order copies for yourself.

-- Dan Ross -

2xKO for Roberts

Trip Jacks for 2015 @HPHPoker Player of the Year Reginald 'Shawn' Roberts eliminates Garrett Riley in 19th and Bill Haner in 18th, breaking a table and creating a pay jump all at the same time.

Shwn Roberts - 840,000

Level - 21
Blinds - 5000/10000
Antes - 1000
Players - 17

-- Dan Ross -

Nearing 7 FIgures

Terrell Jones just eliminated Eric Sieler in 23rd place ($4,422), moving Jones to 900,000. A few hands earlier, Joe Christian's AA earned him a full double against Peter Brooks, also moving Christian to 900,000+

Level - 20
Blinds - 4000/8000
Antes - 1000
Players - 22

-- Dan Ross -

Vijay Has a Milly

I head the dealer ask floor for clock, so I quit what I was doing and headed to Table 40 where Bill Byrnes was facing a 340,000 all-in bet from Vijay Natarajan on a 4 5 3 K 6 board and my best guess is there's an even 700,000 already in the pot.

Byrnes is given a 60-second countdown by Dominic The TD, and he uses the full 60 seconds before sliding his cards to Kat The Dealer.

Vijay Natarajan - 1,050,000
Bill Byrnes - 350,000

Level - 20
Blinds - 4000/8000
Antes - 1000
Players - 24

-- Dan Ross -

New Chipleader

At 950,000, Bill Byrnes is a quarter-million chips clear of the field with 25 players left in the Main Event. 
Byrnes has one cash already in this Ameristar St Charles series, a 6th place finish in the 552-entry $350 Event 1, good for $5,772.

Level - 2o
Blinds - 4000/8000
Antes - 1000
Players - 25

-- Dan Ross -

Second Break Chipcounts

Here are chipcounts for the remaining players in the @HPTPoker Main Event as they take their second 15-minute break of the day.

950,000 Bill Byrnes
375,000 William Fitzgerald
111,000 Philip Gilreath
450,000 Brian Nguyen
253,000 Eric Sieler
122,000 David Hipperson
557,000 Tremell  Jones
442,000 Craig Casino
582,000 Vijay Natarajan
310,000 Chris Montroy
300,000 Jeff Brin
343,000 Don Havener
243,000 Robert Joyce
220,000 Greg Radosh
123,000 Mel Jackson
754,000 Tim Bullard
426,000 Robert Wilson
417,000 Joe Christian
263,000 Garrett Riley
550,000 Paul Fehlig
152,000 Michael McKuin
642,000 Peter Brooks
703,000 Shawn Roberts
179,000 Bill Haner
215,000 Jason Simon
340,000 George Robbins

When play resumes, action is at

Level - 20
Blinds - 5000/10000
Antes - 1000
Players - 26

-- Dan Ross -

Payouts 28-36

Here are the players who mincashed in the @HPTPoker @AmeristarSC $1650 Main Event.

28Timothy PalmerSpringfield, Il$3,685
29Xiaoyan WangPalm Beach, FL$3,685
30Cameron RezaieEureka, MO$3,685
31Stephen GreenWright City, MO$3,685
32William CmCrackenBolivar, MO$3,685
33Saikrishna TarapareddySt. Charles, MO$3,685
34Jason DarlandMerriam, KS$3,685
35Craig WelkoBallwin, MO$3,685
36Terry StuhldreherSt. Charles, MO$3,685

-- Dan Ross -

With 3 You Get Redraw

Down to 27 players in Day 2 of the @HPTPoker Main Event, time for a full three-table redraw. Here are the players by table - with full chipcounts.

Table 40
1 Bill Byrnes 950,000
2 William Fitzgerald 375,000
3 Philip Gilreath 111,000
4 Brian Nguyen 450,000
5 Eric Sieler 253,000
6 David Hipperson 122,000
7 Tremell  Jones 557,000
8 Craig Casino 442,000
9 Vijay Natarajan 582,000
Table 41
1 Chris Montroy 310,000
2 Si Vo 289,000
3 Jeff Brin 300,000
4 Don Havener 343,000
5 Robert Joyce 243,000
6 Greg Radosh 220,000
7 Mel Jackson 123,000
8 Tim Bullard 754,000
9 Robert Wilson 426,000
Table 42
1 Joe Christian 417,000
2 Garrett Riley 263,000
3 Paul Fehlig 550,000
4 Michael McKuin 152,000
5 Peter Brooks 642,000
6 Shawn Roberts 703,000
7 Bill Haner 179,000
8 Jason Simon 215,000
9 George robbins 340,000

Level - 19
Blinds - 4000/8000
Antes - 1000
Players - 27

-- Dan Ross -