Sunday, March 20, 2016

2.5 Milly ... to Not So Many

A LOUD yell from @HPTPoker @BBelterra Table 11 comes from Sameer Al-Dbhani as the table's two monster stacks - Al-Dbhani and Jesse McEuen smash into one another, getting all the chips in preflop in what looks to be close to a 4,000,000 pot.

Al-Dbhani - AA
McEuen - KK

is The flop 6♦️ J♥️ 5♥️  and Al-Dbhani yells out again, calling for a deuce. There's a 3♠️ turn an 9♣️ river, and a third cheer from Al-Dbhani. After this third cheer, McEuen - who had become the BigStack in a major clash with Ben Beighle an orbit earlier - has heard enough and he begins chirping at the new chipleader.

The players chirp back and forth at one another as the dealer counts out A-Dbhani's stack at 1,876,000, and the words escalate to yelling by both once the chips are gone from McEuen - leaving him with about 500k.

A quick string of obscenities comes from McEuen as he exits the tournament area and heads off on his 60-minute dinner break.

Sameer Al-Dbhani - 3,862,000
Jesse McEuen - 555,000

Level 24
Blinds - 12000/24000
Antes - 3000
Players - 12

--Dan Ross -

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