Sunday, April 17, 2016

Barry Greenstein TIme

Greg @Fossilman Raymer leads out for 26,000 UTG, Ryan Gregor calls and Mike Vanier moves all in for his last 172,000. Raymer asks for a count, makes the call and Gregor gets out of the way.

Raymer - 55
Vanier - AA

There's groans from the table as a 5 pops in the window, the rest of the flop running out J♠️ K♠️. Raymer hits his set. The turn is a J♦️, Raymer improves to a boat, but that's the A♥️ on the river .. boat-over-boat and Vanier gets his double.

Mike Vanier - 405,000
Greg Raymer - 450,000

Level 21
Blinds - 6000/12000
Antes - 2000
Players - 24

--Dan Ross -

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