Sunday, May 22, 2016

Level 23 Chipcounts

Here's how the final 12 players in @HPTPoker @AmeristarSC stand during Level 23. We are three eliminations from the end of the night. 

Monday's schedule is for cards in the air at Noon for the final 9 players at the TV Final Table, with a LiveStream (no hole cards per Missouri gaming laws) starting 30 minutes later.

1,700,000 Greg Radosh
1,650,000 William Fitzgerald
1,450,000 Shawn Roberts
945,000 Vijay Natarajan
900,000 Tremell  Jones
785,000 Tim Bullard
750,000 Joe Christian
550,000 Paul Fehlig
400,000 Bill Byrnes
400,000 Chris Montroy
395,000 Robert Wilson
245,000 Michael McKuin

-- Dan Ross -

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