Monday, July 18, 2016


Dave Hampel limps, Thomas Fuller moves all in from the SB, Terry Harper calls off his 1,680,000 stack from the BB and Hampel calls his total 4,130,000 stack off also.

Hampel - A♣️ A♦️
Fuller - 9♦️ 7♦️
Harper - 4♣️ 4♠️

The flop is Q♥️ 4♦️ 8♦️, giving Harper a set and a flush draw for Fuller.

The J♦️ turn gives Fuller a flush, and he has the other two players covered, so he has to dodge a diamond (Hampel's outs) and pairing the board (Harper's outs) to become the HPT Champ.

The river J♥️ pairs the board, tripling up Harper, cracking the Aces of Hampel and eliminating him, setting up a heads-up match between Harper and Fuller.

Terry Harper - 5,220,000
Thomas Fuller - 10,635,000
Dave Hampel - 3rd Place - $47,100

Level - 36
Blinds - 250,000/500,000
Antes - 50,000
Players Left - 2

-- Dan Ross -
-- Series photos by Eric Harkins -

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