Monday, July 18, 2016


Hand 16
Thomas Fuller raises to 1,000,000 Terry Harper calls
The flop is Jh Kc 3d, Harper check and Fuller check
The turn is 7c, Harper bets 500,000 and Fuller folds

The blinds just took a jump to 300k/600k with a 70k ante, 26 total BB in play

Hand 17
Harper raises to 2,600,000 and Fuller tanks for a full minute before folding.

Hand 18
Fuller limps and Harper check his option
The flop is 5h 9c 8d, Harper bets 600,000 and Fuller calls
The turn is 9s, Harper check and Fuller checks
The river is Ks, Harper checks, Fuller bets 1,000,000 and Harper mucks

Hand 19
Harper limps and Fuller checks his option
The flop is 5h Jc 8s, Fuller checks and Harper bets 600,000. Fuller shoulder-pump-fakes twice, then raises to 1,700,000. Harper folds.

Hand 20
Fuller limps and Harper raises, Fuller folds before the chips can be counted.

Level - 37
Blinds - 3000,000/600,000
Antes - 70,000
Players Left - 2

-- Dan Ross -
-- Series photos by Eric Harkins -

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