Sunday, July 17, 2016

Barry Greenstein

There's 600,000 in the pot preflop with Terry Harper, Rob Schoder and chipleader James Lee looking on.

The flop comes out 9-5-6 and by the time the betting is done, Harper and Schoder have all their chips in the middle and Lee has called the all-ins.

Harper - AA for the best overpair
Schoder - JJ for the 2nd best overpair
Lee - 65 for bottom 2 pair

The turn Q changes nothing, but Harper catches Barry Greenstein, Ace on the River. The dealer counts down the stacks and Harper gets a triple-up, while the remaining 65,000 from Schoder's stack goes to Lee as Schoder is eliminate with his JJ ending up 3rd best.

Terry Harper - 2,100,000
James Lee - 2,550,000
Rob Schoder - 13th Place - $6,115

Harper knocks out Russell Sinkola on the very next hand, moving to 2,900,000 and Sinkola collects $8,187 for his 12th place finish

-- Dan Ross -
-- Series photos by Eric Harkins -

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