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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Derrick Geliberte - 3rd Place - $91,792

Derrick Geliberte makes it 300,000 preflop and BLair HInkle comes along. Hinkle bets 350,000 on the KcKcKc flop and Geliberte calls.

Hinkle bets out 700,000 on the Kc turn, and there's an all-in for 2,780,000 from Geliberte. The previous hand, Geliberte bumped a 125,000 bet up to 825,000, and everyone folded. This time, Hinkle finds a call to put Geliberte at risk

Hinkle - Kc Kc for top pair
Geliberte - Kc Kc for a flush draw

The river is Kc and Geliberte is eliminated in 3rd place, cashing for $91,792

Blair Hinkle - 9,000,000

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