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Monday, November 21, 2016

Lustgraaf Gains Huge Advantage

Walt Lustgraaf takes a huge advantage over Nick Summervill.
Lustgraaf makes it 200,000 to go and Summervill calls.

Flop Kc Kc Kc

Summervill checks Lustgraaf makes it 175,000 and summerville raises to 375,000 and gets called

Turn Kc

Summervill leads 500,000 and gets a call.

River Kc 

Summervill leads 1,125,000 and is called instantly.

Lustgraaf shows A4 for two pair.

Walt Lustgraaf  8,000,000
Nick summervill 2,300,000

Level -28
Blinds -40000/80000
Antes -10000
Players Left -2

-- Clinton Cartwright -

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