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Monday, November 21, 2016

Walt Lustgraaf HPT Champion $111,370

Walt Lustgraaf your New HPT Champion!!!

Walt came into the final table 6th in chips and he said with this structure he wanted to take it easy to start.That's exactly what he did. Lustgraaf played a well thought out tight aggressive game. He made the most of his opportunities

Lustgraaf picked up a few key hands when he needed them to get to the heads up chip leader.

Once Heads up Lustgraaf controlled the play winning 90% of the pots heads up and only loosing one big one, when he held AK.

This is Lustgraaf's biggest cash ever and plans to spend some money on family, pay some bills and play more tournament poker.

@AmeristarKC has been a great host for this event and we cant wait till next time to see who takes it down!

-- Clinton Cartwright -

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