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Monday, January 23, 2017

Jacob Baumgartner - 4th Place - $53,569

Its' a fury of all-in and calls.

Mike Hahn opens to 250,000, then Jacob Baumgartner moves all in for 1,250,000.

Hahn gets a count. After a minute or so of thinking, Hahn makes the call.

Hahn Kc Kc
Baumgartner Kc Kc

The board does not give Baumgartner the Queen he needs and Hahn takes the pot to score the KO.

Mike Hahn 6,700,000

Jacob Baumgartner- 4th Place- $53,569

Level -30
Blinds -50000/100000
Antes -10000
Players Left -3

-- Clinton Cartwright - Hold'em Live Updates

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