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Monday, January 23, 2017

Joseph Elpayaa - 6th Place - $30,212

Mike Hahn opens to 250,000 and action folds around to Joseph Elpayaa, who moves all in for 1,800,000 and is quickly called.

Hahn Kc Kc
Elpayaa Kc Kc

Board Kc Kc Kc Kc Kc

Hahn makes a pair of kings on the turn and will eliminate Elpayaa in 6th place.

Mike Hahn 5,300,000

Joseph Elpayaa- 6th Place- $30,212

Level -30
Blinds -50000/100000
Antes -10000
Players Left -5

-- Clinton Cartwright - Hold'em Live Updates

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