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Monday, February 20, 2017

Heads Up at HPT Golden Gates: Dan O'Brien Takes the Lead

Dan O'Brien

After a couple of smaller hands, Dan O'Brien won a big pot and took the chip lead over Cord Garcia.

O'Brien opened to 250,000 and Garcia called. The flop came all spades, KcKcKc. Garcia checked and O'Brien bet 200,000. Garcia raised to 500,000 and O'Brien called.

Cord Garcia

The turn was the Kc and Garcia led this time. He bet 800,000 and O'Brien called. The river was the Kc and Garcia checked. O'Brien bet 1,500,000 and Garcia  called.

O'Brien showed KcKc for a flush, and Garcia mucked.

SeatPlayer Chip Count
1Dan O'Brien12,200,000
2Cord Garcia11,400,000

Level - 31
Blinds - 60,000/120,000
Antes - 15,000
Entries - 2/787

-- Brent Harrington - Hold'em Live Updates

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