Sunday, March 19, 2017

Nelson's Roller Coaster Ride

John Nelson had the chiplead late today, slid all the way down to 10BB to start this level, and in the last 40 minutes has moved all the way to the chiplead again and a 2,400,000 chipstack.

On what could have been the last hand of the night, shortstack Don Dukate moves all in for 300k with K-9, Nelson calls with J-T, then Barb Walston moves over the top for 650k with QQ and Nelson calls.

Dukate flops a King, Nelson does not improve and rather than the night ending 9-handed, play remains at 11.

Walston and Dukate both go to 900k and Nelson slips to 1.8m

Level - 27
Blinds - 25k/50k
Antes - 5k
Players Left - 11

-- Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates

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