Saturday, April 8, 2017

Break 2 for Flight B

Players are on their second 15 minute break of the day in flight B.

Ed Sebesta continues to lead the field but Mike Hahn and Robert Geith aren't far behind.

Here are some of the chip counts from around the room.

Ed Sebesta 93,300
Mike Hahn73,500
Reed Hensel70,100
Robert Geith68,500
Matt Bond 53,400
Nick Pupillo 48,000
Roger Campbell39,300
Shawn Roberts 32,800
Nick Jivkov32,100
Matt Donaldson 29,100
Robert Castoire 28,100
Jason Ramos 27,000
Jay Friedman26,800
Greg Raymer 18,500
Ryan Gregor 17,100
Stephen Green4,100

Flight C begins at 3pm,

Level -7
Blinds -250/500
Antes -50
Players Left -114

-- Clinton Cartwright - Hold'em Live Updates

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