Sunday, April 9, 2017

Final Break of Day 1

(Sameer Al-Dbhany)

Players are on their last 15 minute break of the night.
54 of 125 players remain

Here are a few of the chip counts from around the room.

Mike Unbaniak153,000
William Ridings141,500
Sameer Al-Dbhany114,500
Paul Belken94,500
Richard Gum86,400
Ron Amos81,600
Robert Castoire 70,000
Paul Fehlig68,300
William McCraken59,200
Dan Lowery53,600
Jeff Copeland 43,800

3 levels of play remain until the remaining players bag and advance for day 2.

Level -13
Blinds -1000/2000
Antes -300
Players Left -54/125

-- Clinton Cartwright - Hold'em Live Updates

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