Sunday, May 14, 2017

Jacob Baumgartner Eliminated by Rob Wazwaz in 22nd

Jacob Baumgartner will not be final tabling back to back HPT events in East Chicago.

Baumgartner raised to 36,000 in the cutoff, Rob Wazwaz made it 125,000 in the small blind, the big blind folded, and Baumgartner called.

On the KcKcKc flop, Wazwaz bet 100,000, Baumgartner went all in, and Wazwaz called.

Baumgartner had queens, but they were behind the pocket aces of Wazwaz. The turn and river were of no help and Baumgartner was eliminated.

Rob Wazwaz - 1,460,000
Jacob Baumgartner - Eliminated in 22nd ($5,352).

Level - 22
Blinds - 8,000/16,000
Antes - 2,000
Remaining - 21/526

-- Valerie Cross - Hold'em Live Updates

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