Friday, May 12, 2017

Robert Castoire Eliminated by Ryan Olisar

Robert Castoire raised to 7,500 on the button and Ryan Olisar announced all in from the big blind, putting Castoire to a decision for his remaining 90,000. Castoire thought it over and called.

Olisar: KcKc
Castoire: KcKc

The board ran out  qcKcKcKcKc and Olisar won the flip, eliminating Castoire and taking the chip lead just before drawing for final number of hands.

The clock was stopped at the 7 minute-mark and it was announced that each table will play seven more hands before play concludes for the night.

Ryan Olisar - 288,000
Robert Castoire - Eliminated

Level - 15
Blinds - 1,500/3,000
Antes -300
Remaining - 25/112

-- Valerie Cross - Hold'em Live Updates

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