Thursday, May 11, 2017

Warren Janney Gets a Fold from Blake Battaglia

In a three-bet pot, three players put in 2,000 and the flop came KcKcKc. Blake Battaglia checked in middle position, John Simon checked in the cutoff, and Warren Janney bet 2,600 on the button. Both Battaglia and Simon called.

The turn brought the Kc and Battaglia and Simon checked again. Janney bet 4,300 this time, Battaglia called, and Simon got out of the way.

On the Kc river, Battaglia checked and Janney went all in for his remaining 12,225. Battaglia thought for awhile and let it go.

Warren Janney - 35,000
Blake Battaglia - 55,000

Level - 5
Blinds - 150/300
Antes - 25
Entries - 88

-- Valerie Cross - Hold'em Live Updates

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