Saturday, July 15, 2017

79 Are Already in Day 2

9 @HPTPoker @Gates_Poker player stacks are more than 300,000  - including Day 1A chipleader Kevin Nettles (above) - going in to Sunday's Day 2. 79 players have advanced from the first three starting flights. These 79 join those who bag-n-tag at the end of Level 15 tonight to create the Day 2 field.

Sunday's Day 2 begins at noon and plays down to the LiveStream FinalTable of nine.

The Black Hawk 9 come back at Noon on Monday for a LiveStream final table.

Here are the 79 already in Day 2.

Andreas Ramadanis Denver, CO 391,000
Angel Howell Aurora, CO 382,500
Michael Englert Ft. Collins, CO 369,000
Kevin Nettles n/a 349,000
Ed Konarsle Denver, CO 336,000
Adrian Buckley Dacono, CO 331,000
Melvin Mandell Arvada, CO 327,500
Baskaiyel Baker Lafayette, CO 302,000
Bruce Carter Aurora, CO 300,000
Charles Cox Ft. Collins, CO 270,500
Eric Senrud Seattle, WA 258,000
Tony Saccomano Parker, CO 257,000
Shannon Hudson Superior, CO 240,000
Tom Bouziden Colo. Springs, CO 228,000
Dave Hampel Broomfield, CO 214,000
Jesus Velasco Denver, CO 200,000
Luanne Uligian Floyds Knobs, IN 191,500
Rory Hayes Cheyenne, WY 188,000
Rani Haj Greeley, CO 179,000
Jerome Moon Houston, TX. 176,500
Michael McCloud Littleton, CO 164,500
Samuel Spiwak Denver, CO. 161,500
Nezar  Aweida Englewood, CO. 160,000
Danny Gonzales Denver, CO 160,000
Vik Vijay n/a 158,500
Charles Walker Ft.Collins, CO 156,000
Steve Le Peau Lone Tree CO. 146,500
Mike Harris Newcastle, WY 143,500
Ben Greenberg Longmont, CO 140,000
Gary Fjelsted Littleton, CO 137,500
Mark Van Gampleaf Colo. Springs, CO 137,500
Svetlana Martie Lakewood, CO. 137,000
Ian Schwartz Boulder, CO 133,000
Brian Leitch Golden, CO. 129,500
Max Young n/a 114,500
Mohammed Sharif Golden, CO 114,500
Joel Zltberberg Denver, CO 113,500
Colby  Geolfos Boulder, CO 113,000
Hoi Hui Denver, CO 108,500
Roger Martin Grand Junction, CO 105,500
Dr. William Yarosh Aurora, CO 102,500
Cindy Bardo Colo. Springs, CO 101,500
Suzy Thompson Lakewood, CO 101,000
James Carlan Denver, CO 101,000
Thomas Lee Colo. Springs, CO. 100,000
Loi Nguyen Arvada, CO 100,000
David Charnick ElDorado Spr. CO 98,000
Raymond Simmons Centennial, CO 95,000
Anthony Aragon Craig, CO 93,500
Luke Vrabel xx, Connecticut 93,000
Matt Grisham Arvada, CO 92,500
Brandon McCormick Denver, CO 92,000
Romiro Perez Denver, CO 92,000
Daniel Burke Denver, CO 90,500
Jared Preeson Lakewood, CO 90,000
Brandon Schwulst Broomfield, CO 89,500
Jordan Turoff Denver, CO 87,500
Gary Schneider Castle Pines, CO. 84,500
Steven Swenson Aurora, CO 84,500
Andy Smolan Boulder, CO. 83,500
Mitch Sandoval Golden, CO 82,000
David Caron Kansas City, KS 79,500
Rich Perego Thornton, CO 73,500
Joseph Gordon Trinidad, CO 69,000
Frank Yakubson n/a 66,500
Jon Shah Rochester, NY 64,500
Jason Tate Lakewood, CO 64,000
Mike Hackenberger Parker, CO 63,500
Fred Garcia Durango, CO 62,000
Matt Greenwald Erle, CO. 58,500
Maureen Onorato Black Hawk, CO 54,000
David Skilling lakewood, CO 52,500
Catalin Ursu Hghlnd. Rch, CO 51,000
Dan Daugherty Evergreen, CO 50,000
Phillip Williams Ft.Collins, CO 38,000
Brett Griffin Oak Creek, CO 38,000
Douglas Swinger Breckenridge, CO 36,000
Hans Sorensen Woodland Park, CO. 35,500
Rich Baptist Windsor, CO 29,000

-- Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates

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