Sunday, July 16, 2017

Big Lead for Hayes on Dinner Break

Ace on the flop, a flush draw on the turn, a Jack on the river that adds a straight draw and Ricardo Eyzaguirre makes about a pot-sized river bet.

Rory Hayes moves all-in and Eyzaguirre calls off the remainder of his 800,000 stack, showing AQ and a busted flush draw.

Hayes turns over AJ for two pair and rakes in - by far - the biggest pot of the tournament. (Hand recap provided by the players at the table, I missed the action.)

Rory Hayes - 1,800,000

Players are on an hour-long dinner break.

A redraw takes place at 27 players, and the night ends when down to the Live Stream Nine, the final table.

Final table play begins at Noon on Monday - spectators welcome - upstairs above the poker room.

When play resumes at 7pm, the action is at

Level - 24
Blinds - 12k/24k
Antes - 3k
Remaining - 31

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