Monday, July 17, 2017

Danny Gonzales - 6th Place - $20,795

Danny Gonzales goes all in for 400,000 UTG and gets a call from Jason Tate. Action folds around to the blinds and they get out of the way.

Gonzales - Kc Kc
Tate - Kc Kc

Flop: Kc Kc
Turn: Kc
River: Kc

Tate's 7's hold and Gonzales is the 6th place finisher, cashing for $20,795, moving his HPT career earnings to more than $200,000.

Jason Tate - 3,000,000

Blinds - 40k/80k
Antes - 10k
Remaining - 5

- Hold'em Live Updates

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