Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Fernandez Doubl, um, Nevermind

Brandon McCormick limps, Andrew Smolan flats, then Joe Fernandez moves in for his last 13,825. Both blinds get out of the way, as does McCormick. Smolan gets the count from the dealer, and makes the call.

Smolan - Kc Kc
Fernandez -  qc Kc

"Nice hand," says Fernandez as he gets ready to leave.

He sits back down with the Kc in the window to give Fernandez top pair and a backdoor flush draw as well as the Kc Kc rounds out the flop.

The turn Kc adds to the flush draw, but it also put out a wheel draw for a chop. The Kc, though, would give Fernandez a Steel Wheel.

River ... Kc

Chop it up, nothing to see here, folks.

Level - 8
Blinds - 300/600
Antes - 75
Entries - 73

-- Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates

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