Saturday, July 15, 2017

Howell Set the Day 1C Pace

@HPTPoker @Gates_Poker Day 1C belonged to Angel Howell once dinner break ended. A big hand - Jacks for her vs Kings for her challenger, where she ran out quads - pushed Howell near the top of the leaderboard.

The big stack continued to soar skyward and Howell placed relentless pressure on her tablemates for the final two hours of play. By the time the bag-n-tag came, she amassed 382,500 chips, god for 2nd in the field to the 391,000 of Andreas Ramadanis, who put on a late surge to grab top Day 1C honors.

2015 WSOP MillyMaker Champ Adrian Buckley put of a chip-gathering show for a while also, leading the way until Howell went on her multi-level heater. Buckley ended the night with 331,000.

Former HPT Champ Roger Martin was first to 100,000, made it to 170,000 and stayed at that mark for most of the final 5 levels, slipping a bit at the end. He finished with 105,500

Among those who came out for Day 1C but did not find a bag was Rex Clinkscales, Allen Kessler, Chan Pelton, Ed Sebesta, Gary Germann, Nader Wahdan and Gerry Morrell

Here are the 38 players - from a starting field of 174 entries - who advanced to Sunday's (noon start, folks) Day 2

Andreas Ramadanis Denver, CO 391,000
Angel Howell Aurora, CO 382,500
Adrian Buckley Dacono, CO 331,000
Baskaiyel Baker Lafayette, CO 302,000
Eric Senrud Seattle, WA 258,000
Shannon Hudson Superior, CO 240,000
Tom Bouziden Colo. Springs, CO 228,000
Dave Hampel Broomfield, CO 214,000
Michael McCloud Littleton, CO 164,500
Danny Gonzales Denver, CO 160,000
Charles Walker Ft.Collins, CO 156,000
Mike Harris Newcastle, WY 143,500
Mark Van Gampleaf Colo. Springs, CO 137,500
Mohammed Sharif Golden, CO 114,500
Joel Zltberberg Denver, CO 113,500
Colby  Geolfos Boulder, CO 113,000
Hoi Hui Denver, CO 108,500
Roger Martin Grand Junction, CO 105,500
Dr. William Yarosh Aurora, CO 102,500
Suzy Thompson Lakewood, CO 101,000
James Carlan Denver, CO 101,000
Loi Nguyen Arvada, CO 100,000
David Charnick ElDorado Spr. CO 98,000
Romiro Perez Denver, CO 92,000
Jared Preeson Lakewood, CO 90,000
Brandon Schwulst Broomfield, CO 89,500
Steven Swenson Aurora, CO 84,500
Mitch Sandoval Golden, CO 82,000
David Caron Kansas City, KS 79,500
Frank Yakubson n/a 66,500
Mike Hackenberger Parker, CO 63,500
Fred Garcia Durango, CO 62,000
Maureen Onorato Black Hawk, CO 54,000
David Skilling lakewood, CO 52,500
Phillip Williams Ft.Collins, CO 38,000
Brett Griffin Oak Creek, CO 38,000
Douglas Swinger Breckenridge, CO 36,000
Rich Baptist Windsor, CO 29,000

-- Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates

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