Saturday, July 15, 2017

Ladies Lining it Up

@HPTPoker @Gates_Poker Table 6 now has Rosie Paules, Teresa Hemingway and Caroline Christensen side-by-side and going after all the chips in play.

All three were in for 6,000 preflop against one gentleman at the opposite end of the table who made the opening raise.

The all-spades flop Kc Kc Kc brought out a 18,000 bet from the preflop raiser.

Paules folded, but Hemingway repopped him to 40,000 and Christensen got out of the way.

"Your spade is bigger than mine," the preflop raiser says as he slides his cards in to the muck.

Teresa Hemingway - 105,000

There's going to be an all-laides event ehre at Gates Poker Room Aug. 14 as part of the Colorado Poker Championships.

HPT is holding an all-ladies event during its Ameristar East Chicago series in late August.

Level - 12
Blinds - 800/1600
Antes - 200
Remaining - 101/231

-- Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates

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