Thursday, July 13, 2017

Nettles Crushes Day 1A

He was pretty talkative early on, pretty active in the middle stages and the overwhelming chipleader the final three levels of the night. Kevin Nettles is not just the Day 1A chipleader, he ended the night 53 BB ahead of the second stack.

Nettles gained most of his chips when then-chipleader Damon Huff melted down by calling off about 100,000 chips while holding T6 on a 6-2-3 flop. Nettles moved all-in on the flop holding Aces and Poker Christmas came early for Nettles, who bagged 349,500 at the end of the night.

Huff never recovered from that misstep and was eliminated in Level 14. Among the others who came out for Day 1A but did not advance included Joe Fernandez, Terry Harper, Caleb Meyer, Bruce Carter and Selani Flores.

Luke Vrabel was unusually quiet for him, chipped up consistently throughout Day 1A, bagging a 93k Day 2 stack. Others advancing include Svetlana Martie (137,000) and Luanne Uligian (191,500 ). Samuel Spiwak made the biggest comeback of those who bagged. He came back from dinner with 8BB and bagged 161,500.

Here are the official chipcounts for all players - from a starting field of 76 entries - who advance to Sunday's Day 2.

Kevin Nettles n/a 349,000
Luanne Uligian Floyds Knobs, IN 191,500
Jerome Moon Houston, TX. 176,500
Samuel Spiwak Denver, CO. 161,500
Nezar  Aweida Englewood, CO. 160,000
Steve Le Peau Lone Tree CO. 146,500
Svetlana Martie Lakewood, CO. 137,000
Brian Leitch Golden, CO. 129,500
Max Young n/a 114,500
Thomas Lee Colo. Springs, CO. 100,000
Luke Vrabel xx, Connecticut 93,000
Brandon McCormick Denver, CO 92,000
Daniel Burke Denver, CO 90,500
Jordan Turoff Denver, CO 87,500
Gary Schneider Castle Pines, CO. 84,500
Andy Smolan Boulder, CO. 83,500
Matt Greenwald Erle, CO. 58,500
Hans Sorensen Woodland Park, CO. 35,500

-- Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates

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