Saturday, July 15, 2017

Travis Goes Big

@ShortStckMastr is anything but, after a @HPTPoker @Gates_Poker hand that took place a few minutes ago.

Travis Northrope - 9th here in the $1650 HPT Main Event in 2013 won by Teresa Hemingway - defended his BB and three players went to the flop, seeing the dealer spread Kc Kc 4x.

The turn was Kc and only Northrope and one challenger remained.

An Ace came on the river, there was a bet to 5,000 and Northrope repopped to 15,000, earning a snap-call.

Northrope turns over Kc Kc for a straight flush ... and the Short Stack Master moves to 64,000.

(Hand History provided by Travis Northrope)

Level - 7
Blinds - 250/500
Antes - 50
Entries - 200

-- Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates

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