Saturday, August 5, 2017

Peterson v. Moran

Local players Alton Peterson and Marco Moran battle it out in a multi-way hand.

Peterson raises to 1,050 preflop and Moran makes the call. The player on the button three-bets to 2,900 and both Peterson and Moran call.

Flop: Kc Kc Kc

Action checks around.

Turn: Kc

This time, Peterson leads out for 5250 and is called only by Moran.

River: Kc

Peterson once again bets first, this time for 8500.  After a moment, Moran lays his hand down and Peterson scoops in the pot, giving him a commanding 116,000 chip stack.

Blinds - 200/400
Antes - 50
Entries - 88

Jessica Parente - Hold'em Live Updates

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