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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Stanley Statkiewicz Finishes 6th - $11,145

Finishing 6th is Stanley Statkiewicz of Itasca, IL for $11,145.

Statkiewicz gets it all-in against Kirk Stowell after Stowell raises pre-flop to 250,000.  Stowell calls his all-in.

Board:  Kc Kc  qc Kc Kc

Statkiewicz:  Kc Kc
Stowell:  Kc Kc

This is Statkiewicz's first HPT cash.  He has three other final table finishes, the most notable of which is 3rd place in a WSOP bracelet event (PLO).

Blinds - 60k/120k
Antes - 15k
Remaining - 5

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