Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Gamechanger

In a massive hand between J.W. Carter, Ross Guthrie, and Judge Leo Boothe, Carter makes his way to the top of the field.

Four players limp in to see the flop, which comes Kc Kc Kc.  The action checks around to Carter, who is on the button, and he bets 40,000.  Guthrie and the Judge both call.

Turn:  qc

Guthrie checks, the Judge bets 60,000 and Carter and Guthrie both call.

River: Kc

Guthrie and the Judge both check.  Carter bets 80,000 and Guthrie eventually makes the call.  The Judge folds and Carter shows the nuts: Kc Kc.  Guthrie, in disgust, flips his cards up to show Kc Kc.

Carter is up to a whopping 850,000 and Guthrie is down to 171,000.

Blinds - 5k/10k
Antes - 1k
Remaining - 19 (hand-for-hand continues)

Jessica Parente - Hold'em Live Updates

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