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Monday, November 13, 2017

Mike Shanahan - 3rd Place - $35,868

Mike Shanahan is out in 3rd place after bluff-shoving against Keven Stammen's monster hand.

Stammen is first to act pre-flop and raises to 325,000.  Both Bill Horsman and Shanahan call.

Flop:  Kc  Kc  Kc

All three players check.

Turn:  Kc

Horsman checks, Shanahan bets 700,000 and Stammen calls.  Horsman folds.

River:   qc

Shanahan shoves all-in and Stammen snap-calls.

Stammen:  Kc  Kc
Shanahan:  Kc  Kc

Shanahan is eliminated and Stammen takes an overwhelming chip lead against his heads up opponent, Bill Horsman.

Level - 32
Blinds - 80k/160k
Antes - 20k
Remaining - 2

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