Monday, January 15, 2018

Maximum Pain

Ben Grise had been among the chip leaders for the first half of the day, but self-admittedly "played like $%!&" the second half.  He found himself on the short stack coming back from this break and after Brian Thomas raised on the button, Grise put his last 355K in from the small blind.  Thomas shrugged his shoulders and made the call and was behind with the QJ against Grise's AK.  Flop 3-5-9.  Yawn.  Turn 9.  Yawn.  River... J.  Ugh.  "Maximum pain... 13 hours of play and not even a final table," a forlorn Grise stated.  We've reached our final table, but we need one more elimination for TV.

Level - 26
Antes - 5K
Blinds - 20K/40K
Entries - 10/544

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