Monday, January 15, 2018

Ryan Kulovitz - 2nd Place - $108,401

Down 6-1 in chips, Ryan Kulovitz moves all in over a raise from Darryl Ronconi. Kulovitz had King_Ten and Ronconi could not find a call with Seven_Three.

Two hands later it is almost an identical situation, King_Queen and Six_Four the raise, shove, fold hands.

No Action for Ryan with pocket Kings the next hand, but one hand later it is King_Eight for Ryan and he flops two pair on the 4-8-4 flop.

Darryl, however, has Ace_Four and he flops trips.

The chips go in the middle on the turn 5and Darryl snap-calls.

River ... Ten ... Kulovitz finishes as the runner-up, collecting $108,401.

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