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Monday, March 26, 2018

The Winner And New HPT Champion Is...

With the blinds at 200K/400K, Michael O'Neill limped heads up from the small blind.  Frank Guerra min-raised to 800K and O'Neill called.  On the Tc 6s 7h flop, Guerra boldly open-shoved his last 3,120,000 into the middle.  Mike counted his remaining chips a couple times and calculated them against the total chips in play before making a tough call.  He was right.  His 86o had out-flopped Frank's AQo and was also the better drawing hand.  However, just like their first heads up hand, Frank turned a king, meaning he once again needed a jack for a gutshot to Broadway.  Fortunately for O'Neill, lightning did not strike twice and a harmless 3d fell to end this final table after 170 grueling hands.

Guerra will take home $57,629 for his runner-up finish while O'Neill will take home the title of @HPTPoker Champion and $93,340, plus, we'll see him at the end of the year in Chicago for the Tournament Of Champions.  A rare occasion when the Day 2 chip leader held up all the way through the Day 3 Final Table. 

Congratulations, Mike!

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