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Monday, April 23, 2018

Dan Kloepper - 5th Place - $22,521

One hand after giving up the chiplead to Greg Radosh, Mike Esquivel opens for 105,0000 and Dan Kloepper calls.

Both players check the Kc Kc Kc flop.

The turn is Kc and Kloepper bets 100,000, Esquivel minraises him, Kloepper moves all in and Esquivel snap-calls.

Kloepper - Kc Kc for two pair
Esquivel - Kc Kc trip Kings and Kloepper is drawing dead.

Kloepper cashes for $22,521 in 5th place, Esquivel regaining his chiplead, up to 3.9 million.

Level - 26
Antes - 5k
Blinds - 20k/40k
Remaining - 4/305

-- Dan Ross, Hold'em Live Updates

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