Friday, April 6, 2018

Kai McCue-Unciano Leads Ten Remaining Players for Day 1A

Level - 15
Antes - 400
Blinds - 1,500/3,000
Entries - 64
Remaining - 10

The Day 1A flight for the $1,650 HPT Main Event drew 64 entrants and after 15 full levels the field was trimmed down to ten remaining players. Leading the field is Kai McCue-Unciano with nearly a half million in the bag.

Ben Palmer trails with 283,000 and he's joined by notables Dutch Boyd and Cary Katz. The field returned with just under 40 at the dinner break and players weren't afraid to get their stacks in action.

Ryan Laplante, John Richards, Steven Foutty, Jeff Madsen and Ryan Leng all busted late in the day. Vegas tournament veterans Jeremy Ausmus, Eric Baldwin, Tim Reilly and Jordan Young were a few players that were in the field early but couldn't get much momentum.

Friday's Day 1B kicks off at 2 pm and Saturday's Day 1C gets going a bit earlier with a noon start time. All surviving players will join together for Day 2 on Sunday.

The six remaing hands cost the field three players and they finished with ten remaining players.

Kai McCue-Unciano - 492,500
Ben Palmer - 283,000
Mitch Garshofsky - 244,000
Dutch Boyd - 207,000
Arkadi Onikoul - 200,500
Graham Caldwell - 144,000
Mattew Franklin - 126,000
Travis Cook - 114,000
Cary Katz - 56,500
Jerrimie Pacheco - 53,000

-- Paul Oresteen

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