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Monday, April 23, 2018

Neil Patel - 3rd Place - $42,660

Greg Radosh makes it 125,000 and Neil Patel calls, while Mike Esquivel folds his BB.

The flop is Kc Kc Kc, Radosh bets 130,000 and Patel calls

Turn is Kc, Radosh bets 350,000, Patel shoves and Radosh calls to put Patel at risk.

Radosh - Kc Kc

Patel - Kc Kc

River is  Kc and Patel is eliminated in 3rd place, cashing for $42,660.

Radosh moves to and heads-up play between Radosh and Mike Esquivel is going to start after a short break.

Level - 27
Antes - 5k
Blinds - 25k/50k
Remaining - 2/305

-- Dan Ross, Hold'em Live Updates

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