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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Welcome to Hour 3

Today's HPT Main Event final table at Ameristar East Chicago was anticipated to have about 8 hours of so of play available, based on the players at the table, the BB Ante format and the chipstacks.

Well, there was an incredible rush of bustouts early, making that 8-hour mark look pretty silly.

Enter 3-handed play with Mike Kamenjarin, Alez Ziskin and Ben Castle, with each of the three players having 50BB in front of them at one point in 30handed play.

Neither Kamerjarin nor Ziskin as been in and at risk the entire tournament, but Castle has been a few times. Castle has doubled twice through Ziskin and now the trio enters their third full hour of playing 3-handed.


SB Ante - 80k
Blinds - 80k/160k
Remaining - 3/624

-- Dan Ross, Hold'em Live Updates

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