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Friday, August 31, 2018


I showed up on the flop, 9-K-K already out on the felt, and the bets from @JSmith84Poker and his challenger already pulled in by the dealer.

The challenger - palming a 5k and a 1k chip in one closed-hand, makes an exaggerated check-pound on the table when an Ace comes on the turn and Smith (pictured) checks as well.

Before the dealer peels the river card, the challenger has that closed-hand back out again, hovering over the felt. As soon as the Queen hits, he drops the 6,000 bet.

Smith asks to see how many chips this person has behind, then announces all-in, and he gets a snap-call.

Smith turns over one black King and one red King to reveal he flopped quads.

The challenger mucks face down, with the dealer revealing Ace_Jack as Smith receives the chips.

Level - 10
BB Ante - 1200
Blinds - 600/1200
Remaining - 74/185

-- Dan Ross, Hold'em Live Updates

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