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Sunday, September 30, 2018


Terrence Mattison was down to about six big blinds after his ace-king lost to Ricky Ali's ace-five a little while ago. He has since found two doubles and he's back in the game.

On the most recent double, Mattison pushed with KcKc and got a call from Ali's KcKc.

Mattison was in trouble when the KcKcKc flop fell but the Kc turn bailed him out. The meaningless Kc came on the river.

Mattison is up to about 1.3M. Bobby Noel is right behind him with 1.2M. Ali still has a big lead with over 6M.

Level: 28 (34:00 remaining)
Blinds: 40k/80k
BB Ante: 40k
Remaining: 3
Next Payout: $17,615

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