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Monday, October 29, 2018

COREY ZEDO - 5TH PLACE - $19,507

Hyndi Khomutetsky opens, a very short-stacked Corey Zedo moves all in preflop at the @HPTpoker @DBKCandPR final table and chipstack-killer, Khomutetsky - who also plays at @OrangeCityPoker - makes the call.

Zedo - Kc Kc
Khomutetsky - Kc Kc

The board runs out Kc Kc Kc Kc Kc and Zedo is eliminated in 5th place, cashing for $19,507. Khomutetsky moves to 8.5 million.

Level - 28
SB Ante - 80k
Blinds - 40k/80k
Remaining - 4/414

-- Dan Ross, Hold'em Live Updates

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