Sunday, January 13, 2019

Barany Treads Lightly

We found Hassan Tahsildar, an unknown player and Tim Barany on a flop of Ts 6s 3d. Tahsildar checked, Barany bet 22,000 and both opponents called. The turn came Kc, Tahsildar checked and Barany bet 60,000.

The unknown player got out of the way, Tahsildar called and the river came 7d. Both players checked, Tahsildar announced a pair of tens but some of the table thought they heard him say "kings."

Tahsildar showed Tc 2d, Barany turned up Jc Jh after a moment because he thought he was beat and apologized if it came off as a slowroll.

BB Ante - 8,000
Blinds - 4,000/8,000
Entries - 554
Remaining - 38

-- Live Updates by Paul Oresteen

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