Saturday, January 12, 2019

Freeroll Winner Pulling Ahead

We saw three players toss in 1,200 preflop, Shawn Roberts raised to 6,300 from the small blind, Terry Thomasson called and so did David McGowen.

The flop came Ac 6d 3c, Roberts checked, Thomasson bet 10,000 and McGowan called. Roberts let his hand go, the turn came 2h and Thomasson bet 25,000. McGowan sat for a moment, threw out a call and the river came Jh.

Thomasson checked, McGowan moved in for a little over 20,000 and Thomasson tanked for a bit. He landed on a call, McGowan tabled 8c 7c for a flush draw turned bluff and Thomasson took the pot with pocket nines.

Thomasson won his entry into the Main Event through a freeroll contest from pro poker player Jonathan Little.

BB Ante - 500
Blinds - 200/500
Entries - 218

-- Live Updates by Paul Oresteen

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