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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Joke Turned Sour

Table 8 was a loud and seemingly good-natured table. But Mark Morris just sent the entire table into a near riot and earned a one round penalty.

He was early in the action preflop, with cards, and pushed his entire 200,000+ stack forward and told the dealer he wanted to color up as he was done for the night and wanted to go back to his room.

The dealer was confused as there is no coloring up in tournaments and interpretted his action as an all in.

Three players behind him folded and the player on the button asked what happened. Nearly everyone started arguing and the dealer called the floor.

Morris held his ground that he wasn't all in, despite all his chips moved forward holding cards, and repeated that he just wanted to be done for the night and color up his stack.

The floor ruled his action was just a call, forced the action of the hand, which saw the button raise, the blinds fold and Morris fold. He was given a one-round penalty but his tablemates ranged from letting him off the hook to kicking him out.

BB Ante - 3,000
Blinds - 1,500/3,000
Entries - 195
Remaining - 44

-- Live Updates by Paul Oresteen

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