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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Jake Bazeley Eliminated in 11th Place by George Janssen

George Janssen raises to 175,000 preflop from the small blind, and Jake Bazeley calls on the big blind before the flop is dealt Jc4d2d. Janssen bets 225,000, and Bazeley calls before the turn falls 7s. Janssen bets 400,000, and Bazeley calls again before the river delivers the 2s.

Janssen checks, and Bazeley moves all in for 1,175,000. Janssen tanks before check-calling. Bazeley shows Kd8d for a bluff, and Janssen holds AhAs to win the hand. Bazeley is out in 11th place, good for $8,151, and Janssen holds 6.7 million after the hand.

The players are now taking new seats at the unofficial final table of 10.

Level - 27
Ante - 60,000
Blinds - 30,000-60,000
Entries - 10/555

-- Ryan Lucchesi updates

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