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Monday, April 1, 2019

Angela Shade Eliminated in Eighth Place ($13,233)

Ian Richardson moves all in preflop for 1,030,000 from the cutoff, and Geroge Janssen reraises all in over the top of him from the button. Angela Shade (pictured) calls all in after originally opening the pot on the hijack. All three players then flip over their cards.

Richardson: ThTc
Janssen: AhJs
Shade: AcJc

Board: 9d6c4cKd7h

Richardson wins the hand to almost triple up with 2,785,000. Janseen still holds over 7 million after the hand, and Shade is eliminated in eighth place. She will take home $13,233 in prize money.

Level - 28
Ante - 80,000
Blinds - 40,000-80,000
Entries - 7/555

-- Ryan Lucchesi updates

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