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Monday, May 13, 2019


The preflop action seemed innocent enough, as did the flop, but once Kalpesh Shah moved all in on the flop, the real fireworks were about to explode here in Day 2 of the @HPTpoker East Chicago Main Event.

The board read Ts 8h 6s and Shah was all in for about 200,000. Taylor Firebaugh - who moved from 150,000 to more than 1 million in chips in 30 minutes - also moves in and before there's a count, Craig Casino announces he's also all-in.

Shah shows Ks Tc for top pair
Firebaugh has 7d 8d for middle pair and a gutter to a straight
Casino flopped it, hitting a straight with his 7h 9h

The 7c turn gives Firebaugh two pair and a sweat, but the river comes 3h and Casino scoops.

The dealer counts down the stacks, 1,105,000 for Casino and he leaves Firebaugh with 40,000 - eliminated on the very next hand.

Casino moves to 2.6 million, Shah cashes in 14th place for $9,399 .. and before Firebaugh's final hand can play, Nick Davidson is out in 13th at the other table, cashing for $9,399 as well. Firebaugh finishes 12th, earning $12,586.

Level - 23
Ante - 25000
Blinds - 15000/25000
Entries - 11/570

-- Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates
-- Hayley Hochstetler Photo

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