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Saturday, August 31, 2019


There's three levels remaining in Day 1C of the HPT East Chicago Main Event and chipleader George Vazanellis is almost the overall 3-flight chipleader right now.

A short-ish stacked player moved all-in on a 2-3-4 flop and Vazanellis called.

  • Fives for the challenger
  • Jacks for the chipleader
7-4 goes the board, MORE chips to Vazanellis and he leaves on break with a total of an almost-obscene 520,000 - aka 217BB when action resumes.

When play resumes, action moves to
Level - 13
Ante - 2400
Blinds - 1200/2400
Entries - 86/307

-- Dan Ross - Hold'em Media Live

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