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Monday, September 23, 2019


Jay McVeich and Jason Meglich go to the flop three-handed at the @HPTpoker Main Event final table @Gates_Poker.

The all-Spades flop comes out 7s 6s 4s, McVeigh leads out for 300,000, Meglich moves all in and McVeigh quickly calls to put Meglich at risk.

  • Meglich has Qs Th for a flush draw and two overs
  • McVeigh shows 7d 5s for top pair, and a straight flush draw
Tan Hoang sits on the sideline, looking to try and get heads-up.

The runout goes Ac Jc and Meglich is eliminated in 3rd place, cashing for $56,649. McVeich moves to 11 million.

Heads-up play begins in a few minutes, McVeich with a 10-1 lead.

Level - 30
Ante - 120k
Blinds - 60k/120k
Remain - 2/412

-- Dan Ross - Hold'em Media Live
-- Hayley Hochstetler Photos

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